Year 1 Visit a Temple and talk about celebrating!

We had an extremely busy day today and the staff were proud of each and every child. We showed resilience and teamwork as we walked to the Temple. We showed respect and shared our knowledge as we listened to the adults. Our Broad Heath values were seen in abundance!

We spoke about how visiting a place of worship that may not be one associated with our own beliefs, is about widening our knowledge and being respectful of others. It is not about changing what you believe, but about being part of a multi-cultural community. A community that has an understanding of one’s neighbours and friends.

1. How many beads were on the Hindu rosary?

2. Please tell me one thing that you learnt from our visit?

Thank you to Mrs Patel, who shared lots of information with us today and the children for being an amazing audience and asking such sensible questions.

We also used our speaking and listening skills to shared how we celebrate. Please take a look below.


  1. Aiyla said there were 108 beads on the Hindu rosary, she learnt how to be kind to each other and to respect other peoples beliefs and religions. She also enjoyed going to the temple because she saw statues of Rama and Sita and the colourful decorations.

  2. I had a beautiful day at the temple it was fun and the temple is beautiful with different colours, much to remember I think the beads numbers is 106.

    • Adam said there was 108 beads.
      Adam had learnt that before entering the temple you have to learn few words you have to read then enter quietly. The man at the temple read a prayer infront of the statue and we stayed quietly listening to him and he also had turned the candles on.

  3. Love this year 1.
    I learnt so much from that, thank you Mrs Patel.
    Great to hear how you all celebrate in lots of different ways
    Well done 🌟

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