Mrs Habib’s GD Comprehension Group

Hi 5 White, below is this weeks GD task please complete in your homework book using P.E.E and full sentences to answer the questions.


  1. 1: Directly below the pitched roof
    2: A skylark singing
    3: Frightening dreams is not always related to an underlying condition. It may be caused by:
    Reading scary books or watching scary movies before going to bed (especially in children)
    4: A strange sound ( A gasp)
    5: To whimper is to make a low, soft feeble cry or sound usually because you are sad, in pain or otherwise unhappy.
    6: She stopped it because the door then closed when she woke up to some darkness when she was peering into only one distance the distance of the door.
    7: It was that her hand was on her shoulder which made her turn her head to see that the door opened…
    8: Mingled because it would make sense for example…
    mix or cause to mix together:
    “the sound of voices mingled with a scraping of chairs”.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

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