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British Science day 2023 Year 1


Year 1 have been looking at the vocabulary we had previously learnt in our science module “Animal Antics”! We have also learnt new words such as biodiversity, ecosystem and organism. Challenge: can you remember what any of those words mean?


Year 1 have been collecting evidence to answer a question; Is Broad Heath bio diverse? We have been looking and listening out for animals, such as birds and insects. We have also looked for different habitats and signs that animals have visited, such as feathers tracks and even poo. Our results have shown that our biodiversity is good, although it could be improved by having more habitats for amphibians.


We learned about the life of Hamza Yasmin a wildlife presenter. He is most famous for the CBeebies programme ‘Let’s go for a walk but what other interesting facts did you learn?


We have been creating a whole class hedgehog using a variety of different skills. We’ve used drawing skills to draw round our hands and used cutting skills to cut around our hands. Then we used different mediums to colour including paint, crayons, wax crayons and felt tip pens. We finally put all our work together to make a class collage of a hedgehog.


This afternoon we conducted an investigation to decide which media works best for water printing. Here is how we got on:

Challenge: If you were to do this experiment again what would you do differently?

Colour Mixing:

We experimented with the primary colours red, yellow and blue to find out what colours they made when they were mixed together. Why do the primary colours make a new colour?


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  1. Biodiversity means different types of life on Earth example plants, animals, insects and other species.
    Ecosystem have all living and non living things which depend on each other.
    Organism means living things which support environment system.
    Yes, broad Heath is bio diverse because we
    Listen bird singing, lot of plants every where, insect on the ground.
    Hamza yassin is a wildlife photographer, he click the photos of different animals when he go on walk and he live in Scotland.
    Ayaad said he enjoyed this experiment alot with ink and he tried this experiment with food colour at home but it didn’t work.
    Primary colour are colour which are mixed to make secondary colours. Like red and blue makes purple, yellow and red makes orange, blue and yellow makes green.

  2. – Biodiversity is a variety of living things that exist in the world. This includes all the different plants, animals, insects, and other creatures that live on our planet. – Ecosystem is like a big family of plants and animals that live together in a certain area. – Organism is a living thing that can grow, breathe, eat and drink Broadheath is biodiverse because i saw squirrels

    Hamza Yasmin went to scotland

    Primary colors (red, blue, and yellow) are called primary because they cannot be created by mixing other colors. When these colors are mixed together, they can produce secondary colors (orange, purple, and green).

  3. Biodiversity means environment where different animals and plants insect live together.

    Biodiversity is environment where insects, different plants and animal species live together.
    Ecosystem means an a natural environment where insect, plants and animals are connected by foo
    Organism is one plant or animal body in the ecosystem.

  4. Biodiversity means all different kinds of life you find in one area.
    Ecosystem are the variety of different habitats, communities.
    Organism means an individual animal, plant life form.
    Yes Broad Heath is bio diverse because we heard birds singing and found rabbit poo on our walk, seen worms and insects.
    Hamza Yassin goes for walks and takes pictures of wild life animals because he’s an wild life explorer.
    Butterfly Bush can be great source for butterflies it provides nectar and they need plants for them to grow eggs.
    Adam said he really enjoyed drawing around his hands and cutting around then cutting the paper around his hand to make hedgehog.
    Adam said he wouldn’t want to change anything from his experiment as he really enjoyed exploring ink in the water and it made dark colour he liked.
    Why the primary colour made into new colour is because it makes it into secondary colours which I really enjoyed to see what colours made when we mixed two colours to make one colour. Thank you for this science activity Adam has really enjoyed and couldn’t wait till after school to tell his mummy all about what colours he made and what he did in his experiment.

  5. I will make a rabbit instead of hedgehog.

    Hamza Yasin came to England when he was 8years old.

    They make different colours because there is bits in the primary colour.