Boost your maths skills over the summer holiday by taking part in this FREE summer adventure! There’s an adventure for every primary school year filled with a fun videos, games and activities. Awards will be given for participation! Have fun! Follow this link to sign up:

8 responses to “Calling all mathematicians!”

  1. Tipian I.

    My mother had signed in .
    And I’ve been learning and getting some gold ducks.

  2. Miski M.

    Me and Abdirahman have started this mathematics course. Thank you for this opportunity to revise our previous learning.
    -Miski and Abdirahman.

    1. Head Teacher

      Keep aiming high, you are a fabulous role model x

  3. Tana I.

    Thank you for the information

  4. Tipian I.

    Ok I’ll try see if I can

    1. Head Teacher

      You can do it Tipian, you will be ace in Year 6.

      1. Tipian I.

        Thank you

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