Year 4 – The Little Brown Mouse

Children in Year 4 have been reading and learning the story of  ‘The Little Brown Mouse.’ We are beginning to learn the name of different fruits and vegetables and the names of colours  to describe them e.g. la manzana verde How many names of fruits and vegetables can you remember?  

Feliz Navidad!

  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! i Feliz Navidad y prospero ano nuevo! The children learnt the traditional greetings for Christmas and the New year! What is your favourite part of Christmas? What do you wish for the new year 2019?

Year 5 in a Spanish Cafe!

Year 5 have been learning the names of food and drinks in Spanish. They have also learnt basic phrases to say which foods they like and dislike. After this we moved on to being able to order food in a cafe or restaurant. The children tried really hard and today they were tested in our […]

Year 4 – Spanish review Autumn 2

What have you learnt this half term? Why would this information be useful? Can you translate the following into English:-  cabeza, brazo, estomago y pierna cabeza, brazo, estomago y pierna dedos, rodilla, mano y nariz cabeza, brazo, estomago y pierna Can you try and write your own version now using the same format but different […]

Year 4 – Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes!

Year 4 have extended their learning this week by learning the names of the body parts. They had fun and learnt the Spanish version of; Head, shoulders, knees and toes! Have a look at their performances and vote for the best one! I would also like you to list all the parts of the body […]

Guess Who? Year 4 Spanish

Year 4 have been learning the names of parts of the face. They have now started to write simple descriptions of different people.  This week we played ‘Guess Who?’ in our Spanish lesson and did really well. Can you all have a go at the game ‘Guess Who?’ by choosing a character and writing a […]

Spanish in Year 3

Today in Year 3 we have been learning how to greet others in Spanish.  We learnt how to say ‘Hello,’ ‘How are you?’ and ‘Goodbye.’ Take a look at our short video below of us greeting each other in Spanish, enjoy! How would you greet someone in Spanish?

Food and Drink – Yr5 and Yr6

Last week we began to familiarise ourselves with Spanish vocabulary for food. Remember to use the BBC Primary Languages website to support your learning! After practicing, play this game to see how good you are.

Year 5 – Spanish Stationery Shops!

Year 5 have been working in small groups to make their own Stationery Shops. They had to create price lists, price tags, prepare the Spanish currency and set up shops. They were asked to use their Spanish vocabulary to communicate with each other and use Spanish currency. What is the Spanish currency? How many centimos […]

Year 4 – Language Communication

Based upon our class discussions from the previous weeks could you please answer the following questions:- 1.What do you think life was like before people communicated with each other across the world? 2.What do we gain from communication between different countries? 3. What would we not have if we could not communicate?

Year 6 – Alphabet Song

Year 6 you have been challenged to create a song/rhyme/rap or chant to teach others to learn the Spanish Alphabet on a previous blog this half term. I have added a video of the Alphabet Song that we heard and practiced in Week 1 so that it can inspire you to create your own! Which […]

Year 5 – Counting in tens

Year 5 have been learning to count to 100 in Spanish. They were challenged further to count in multiples of tens in Spanish. See how well they did:- Can you count in multiples of tens in Spanish? How quick are you? 

Year 6 – Spanish Alphabet

Year 6 have been learning the Spanish Alphabet. Could you use your learning form Week 1 and 2 and create a song/chant/rap to teach others the Spanish alphabet and please add it to the blog. The top 3 will be given a prize!

Year 4 Language Detectives!

Year 4, remember your important task this week! As Language detectives I want you to keep your ears 👂 open and eyes 👀 peeled and try to find as many different Language examples in your local community e.g. friends, restaurants, advertisements, shops, and list them all here. Let’s see how many examples we can detect! 

Year 4 – Our Videos of ‘classroom objects’.

We have been learning about the names of different classroom stationery in Spanish. Year 4 children created some learning videos for Year 3 so that they could learn the names as well. Which words have you learnt? What is the Spanish translation for ‘What is this?’ How could we have a conversation based upon this […]

Year 6 – Spanish speaking countries

Today you have been asked to research some Spanish speaking countries. Can you complete the following: List the names of some of the countries and name their capital cities as well. How many people live in each country? What mountains and rivers are in each country? Please set out your work as a fact- file and […]

Year 5 – In the classroom

Today we started our new topic in Languages – ‘In the Classroom’. I have added the key vocabulary that we have started to become familiar with on this blog so that you can revise the words ready for next week!

Adios Madrid

We’re just at the airport ready to leave Madrid. We’re all very tired and sad to be leaving but can’t wait to see our families later! What has been your favourite part of the trip?

Our last full day in Madrid

Hola amigos! We have had such a lovely last day in Madrid. We caught a bus to the other side of the city and explored parks, palaces and even got a chance to order our own drinks in a cafe using all our Spanish skills! We all can’t wait to share all of our memories […]

Buenos Dias

Good Morning from Madrid! We’ve been on a bus this morning and travelled to Templo de Debod. We’re just having a drink in the cafe before our picnic and a visit to the Royal Palace. We’re also celebrating Lataya’s birthday today!!! We’ll post a video later and we can’t wait to see you all tomorrow. […]

Today in Madrid

Good evening We have had a wonderful day in Madrid. We visited Parque del Buen Retiro this morning. We had ice cream, a play, a picnic and a boat trip.   This afternoon we went to the Reina Sofia art gallery and saw some work by Picasso and Miro. This evening we walked to our restaurant […]

Our Spanish school visit

Hi Everyone, We just wanted to share a video from our fantastic trip today to a Spanish school in Madrid. We had great fun, they were so welcoming and had planned a heap of activities for us!  We can’t wait to continue exploring Madrid tomorrow ☀️