Year 6 – Weekend Diary

Year 6 have been learning to tell the time in Spanish. Can you now write what you do at the weekend at different times during the day? Use vocabulary already learnt as well as the Spanish dictionaries. If you finish, answer the following:  a) What is the difference between  1 o’ clock and all the […]

Year 5 – Giving Directions

Look at this map. 1) Could you please write a set of directions in Spanish to get from Cross Road to the Broad Street Library. Once you have done this please translate them to English. If you have time create a Word bank for the key words.  2) Write a set of directions in Spanish […]

Year 3 – Los Colores

Year 3 have been learning the colours in Spanish. They have worked with Miss Millar and have done extremely well in learning all of them! They also learnt a Spanish Song about favourite colours. This video showcases some of their learning.   

Year 5 – Spanish Sports and Hobbies

Year 5 have been carrying out research on Spanish Sports, hobbies and children’s activities. They will share this research in various ways e.g. via the blog, posters, comic strips, presentations, I-movies, fact-files and pic collages. Here are the facts about their area of research.

Year 6 – Tapas, Patatas, Gazpacho, Paella!

Year 6 children have learnt to share their likes and dislikes in Spanish linked to food. This week they learnt a Spanish Food Song to prepare a performance. We have had different ‘takes’ on this song. Let’s see which ones you preferred and why. Please provide some feedback of your favorite performance and 1 tip […]

Que te gusta hacer? Por que?

Your task today is to be able to write a paragraph about your likes and dislikes linked to sports and hobbies. Please use the word bank given to you in class to write clear sentences about these and always remember to give a reason as to why you like/dislike the sport or hobby. If you […]

¿Que deporte te gusta?

This week in Year 5 we learnt lots of new vocabulary. The vocabulary we focused on was a variety of sports. I am going to add 2 videos to support your learning and revision until the next lesson as I appreciate that their were a lot of words to learn! The 1st video is the […]

Me gusta y no me gusta…

In Year 5 we began our new topic  about sharing our likes and dislikes about sports and different hobbies. Some children shared these in Spanish. Watch the video and see what these children like or dislike doing. Which sports do you like and dislike? For Year 6 could you do the same activity about sharing […]

¡Feliz Navidad!

In Year 3 we looked at Spanish Christmas Vocabulary and how Christmas is celebrated in Spanish speaking countries. We also made some Christmas cards. While watching the video listen to the background Christmas song. Do you know what it means? What are the lyrics in English?     

5 Blue’s Group Holiday Tours to Spain!

This term our Geography unit, Spain has been heavily focused on map work and locating the different human and physical features throughout the country. One main area that has been identified is how different landmarks can be popular tourist locations despite their differences in climate, flora and fauna and seasonal activities. As it was our […]

Year 5 – Autumn 2 Review

What have you learnt this half term? How will this support you in real-life? What has been your favourite activity and why? How would you rate your progress in this topic? Can you list any Spanish words and phrases you have learnt and their English translations. Finally, what else would you like to learn about […]

Year 6 – Half term Review

What have you learnt this half term? How will this learning support you in real-life? How would you rate your progress in this topic ‘Food and Drink’? What has been your favourite activity? In which area would you like to improve in? What else would you like to learn about within your Spanish lessons?

Let’s play Spanish Guess Who!

In Year 4, in the past week we read Spanish descriptions of different people and translated these. This week we began to write simple descriptions about ourselves. Then we progressed to playing ‘Guess Who’ by giving clues to each other about the Guess Who characters in Spanish. Can you pick one of the characters from […]

Year 5 – Las frutas y las verduras

In Year 5 you have been revising and learning  the names of fruits and vegetables. I would like you to:- a) List all of the Spanish fruits in Spanish without using Google Translate, as you have learnt these within our Spanish lessons. b) Using a Spanish dictionary or Google translate list all the names of […]

Los Numeros in Spanish – (Number Week)

Year 3 have learnt the numbers from 1 – 10 this morning. We did really well and managed to learn a ‘Spooktacular Number Song’ in Spanish! Enjoy the songs and see if you can come up with your own number song! Try and learn the numbers beyond 10 in Spanish as well. What are they?

Book Week in our Spanish Lesson!

This week in our Spanish lessons we studied the very classic story by Eric Carle…The Very Hungry Caterpillar 🐛! We listened to the English version and watched the animation to make sure we knew the English version really well. This then helped us to become Language Detectives and translate the Spanish version… La Pequeña Oruga […]

Year 5 – Spanish Review – Autumn 1

This half term you have been learning the Spanish numbers to 100. Could you answer the following questions now:- What have you learnt this half term? Why is this knowledge of numbers useful? How will it support you in real-life? Which has been your favourite activity? What have you found difficult? Why? What else would […]

Year 6 – Spanish Review – Autumn 1

Year 6 have been learning the Spanish Alphabet. Could you now answer the following questions: What have you learnt this half term? How will this support you in your real – life? Which activity was your favourite? Which activity did you find difficult? Why? ¿Cómo te llamas? Como se escribe. What else would you like […]

Year 5 – Counting in 10s

Year 5 are getting better at counting to 100 in Spanish. I am now challenging them further to count in multiples of 10. Some children tried this and got on really well. Let’s see if you can do this as well. Afterwards why not try counting up in multiples of 5 and then 2 in […]

Year 6 – Spanish Alphabet Chants

Year 6 have been learning the Spanish Alphabet and now to teach others, they have created some amazing chants, rhymes and songs! What did you think of their educational videos? Will they support your learning of the alphabet? Maybe you can learn one of these chants too?

Year 5 – Numbers to 100

Year 5 have extended their number knowledge in Spanish from Year 3 and 4 these first few weeks. Previously they had learnt the numbers in Spanish from 0 – 31, now they have begun to learn the numbers from 31 up until 100. Some of us are finding this easy and some a little challenging. […]

Year 6 – The Spanish Alphabet

Year 6 have been introduced to the Spanish Alphabet. We compared it to the English Alphabet and looked at similarities and differences. The children also learnt a song to memorise the letters and sounds.  Can you tell someone to spell your names using the Spanish Alphabet?

Year 4 – Language Detectives

Your task for this week is to continue being language detectives at home and outside of school and look out for different languages you hear (friends, restaurants, adverts) or see food packaging. Keep a note of your findings and record on this class blog. I will be checking the blog daily and will share with […]

Year 4 Spanish Review

What have you learnt this half term? Which activity have you enjoyed the most? Where will this information be useful in real-life? What else would you like to learn or do in your Spanish lessons?