There are many things that we can cheer and be happy about. What things in school have you done that have:

1- Shown you care about the school?

2-Applied a school value? And

3- Made a mistake but learned from it?

Keep on being ace pupils and  remember to smile and welcome any visitor.



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  1. 4 Blue have been helping other people, keeping school tidy and taking care of their equipment.
    We have used Imagination to describe imaginary worlds in our English lessons, Tenacity when playing football at lunchtime and used good manners to show Respect.
    In Maths we drew place value grids, some of us drew too many counters and we learned not to rush our work. We have also learned to always read questions properly so we can get the right answers.

  2. 2Blue have shared many thoughts and ideas. They are as followed:
    1) Bilal – “I have shown care by picking up rubbish from the floor.”
    Mirr – “I have shown care by tidying up my table box.”
    2) Hannah – “Respect, I listened to the teachers when they are teaching.”
    Huda – “Tenacity, I tried very hard to do my GD challenge.”
    3) Zenat – “I am brave because I went into the pool. I will go again next week.”

  3. One white:

    1) We clean up after ourselves.

    2) We have shown RESPECT for our teacher and out peers.

    3) Sometimes we were not sharing nicely, we learnt that it makes our friends sad and we wont do it again.

  4. 1-What has shown me care about the school 🏫 is the kindness, resilience and motivation.
    2-All 12 school 🏫 values.
    3- I have made a mistake in Year 1 I accidentally stepped on someone’s finger and I forgot to say sorry 😐.

  5. 1. I’ve show care by helping the new girls in the class
    2. The school value I applied is tenacity beacuse while we were drawing our imaginary worlds I tried my best to make it good.
    3.i made a mistake by thinking I don’t need to learn art but then I realised that I love art and art helps me think and relax

  6. I have shown respect by respecting the equipment by not breaking or losing anything.
    I have used the value resilience by trying and reaching harder targets in my work.
    I have learnt not to talk during lessons so now I pay more focus and attention to my objective.

  7. I care about the school because I respect and care for all objects and things.
    The school value I applied is Individuality, as I try to be as unique and original as possible.
    The mistake I made was when I was in year 1, If someone started to distract me I would start talking to them, but now I know to keep working.

  8. 1- Shown you care about the school?
    Cleaning the floor when it’s really dirty
    2-Applied a school value? And
    Keep on trying and never giving up on my work
    3- Made a mistake but learned from it?
    Missing a page, and now I haven’t done it again

  9. I was tidying up the classroom and making my table clean.l have aplied kindness and teamwork.I have shown teamwork by talking to my friends I have shown kindness by using kind maths I sometimes make a mistake but I learned from it

  10. I care about the school by making sure I put my rubbish in the bin and not on the floor.

    I have applied resilience by not giving up when I find the work hard sometimes.

    I have learnt from a mistake because when people distracted me from my work, I got angry but now I tell the teacher instead.

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