On the 5th June 2021, Coventry’s year as City of Culture officially began. As I am sure many of you saw, the festivities grew and the streets of our City have now been filled with vibrant colours and decorations.

Broad Heath has been part of this because we created a banner for everyone in Coventry, the U.K. and the world to see- doesn’t it look fab?? 

Our banner is hanging in the centre of Coventry and I am beyond proud to see all of our hard work and contributions out on display. I would like to take a moment to thank everyone in school for creating their handprints and I would like to say a special thank you to the whole of Year 6 who worked incredibly hard to create the extra artwork, to glue and to keep spirits high. Isn’t wonderful to see our work being transformed from the studio to the City Centre? Everyone should be incredibly proud, I know I certainly am!

41 responses to “Coventry, City of Culture 2021 – BH’s Banner!”

  1. Roma M.

    I love it and I saw one but it didn’t had a sign and I saw all the design and there was a writing on it

  2. Hudaa M.

    I love the things I want to be done

  3. Joshua C.

    Wow 😲

  4. Sulaiman A.

    Well done year 6.

  5. Mrs Diaz

    Wow this is amazing!! Well done Year 6!

  6. Jawariyah A.

    I saw the banner next to Primark. It was massive !!

  7. Ayomide O.


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