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Coventry Schools Rugby Finals

This year, both girls and boys Year 4/5 rugby teams qualified for the Coventry Schools tag rugby finals. It was again held at the Butts Park Stadium, and the students all enjoyed playing in a professional stadium.

The boys team played well, but were missing 2 players from the previous rounds. They defended well but struggled to score from the possession they had, and ended up finishing 4th in their group.

The girls team started excellently, winning 2-0, 3-0, 2-0 and 4-2, conceding their first try in only the 4th game. The last game again they didn’t manage to make their dominance of territory count and conceded a break away try, where they lost 0-1. That meant the group was tied on points. However, because of their excellent defense they were crowned champions because of their positive try record.

Well done to all the children who gave up so much time, it goes to show with determination and hard work you can achieve great things!


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