Science Week in 2Blue!

This week the children will delve into what grows and what changes. The children created a poster explaining what a mammal is, created a split-pin puppet, explored binary trees on Purple Mash, and they will begin to write their own booklet on how to take care of oneself!
The children enjoyed taking part in exercise and challenging their bodies.

14 responses to “Science Week in 2Blue!”

  1. Hannah B.

    This was the best week I’ve ever had!!! I will miss Mr Mahmood and Ms Bhangu . I’ve enjoyed everything!!

  2. Iqra S.

    I Liked hopping and I liked jumping.
    Exercise is good for my body.

  3. Adam A.

    What grows and changes is your age

  4. Ella K.

    I loved all oF it

  5. Yusuf A.

    I liked doing the binary trees and doing the different exercises.

  6. Nichollas B.

    I had a brilliant time to do science week!

  7. Muhammed I.

    It is so fun 🤩 and extremely excited

  8. Aesha M.

    My favourite exercise was jogging and jumping.

  9. Mrs Masters

    Wow, 2 Blue it looks like you’ve been having lots of fun and learning some amazing new things about growing and changing. Keep up the great work.

  10. Bilal U.

    I had a brilliant time on purple mash doing binary trees.

  11. Maryum N.

    I had fun doing exercises and playing.

  12. Hudaa M.

    It was amazing and super fun

  13. Hudaa M.

    It was amazing and super fu

  14. Sara H.

    I had so much fun thank you 😊💜💗

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