27 thoughts on “Doly Moch Day 1

  1. Thank you to all the teachers who went doly Moch. We all miss you too Amaan, but we know you are enjoy every moment and can’t wait to chat to you. Also want to hear everything you did there. Lots of love Amaan’s mum xx

  2. To mum I am having a great time and were having loads of fun. I have done many activities and they have all Been a great laugh. I miss you please can you try and reply back to me .
    Shane I love you

  3. Hope you are all having a great time!Havelots of fun at Doly-Moch and make the most of it because it would be an amazing memory and an brilliant opportunity!

  4. I hope you have enjoyed your journey to Doly Moch.Hope you are having fun. We miss you Shazil,Raihan,Shane,Rayne and MEHRISH ALSO EVERYONEELSE pLAIZA

  5. **Embarrassing Mum msg alert**
    I’m glad to hear you all arrived safe and well! I hope you have a fantastic time and enjoy the experience. Miss you millions, the house is so quiet!!
    Have a great time, I can’t wait to hear all about it and see some fabulous pics :)
    Love you, love mum xxxx

    • I’m having a great time! I MISS YOU LOADS MORE !
      Love you so so so much xx today we went to the beach and we orienteering and a Labyrinth it was so much fun.

      Love you :) xxxxx

      • It sounds like you’re having a fabulous time!!! Continue to enjoy it :) and make loads of memories :)
        Love you more Princess
        Mummy & Daddy xxxxx

    • It is amazing today it took about 5 hours to get here. Hope you and Rhys have a brilliant time together, love you soooooooo much I miss you. After the journey we got are PEJAS on.
      Love Rayne!

      • That was a long journey babe 5hrs wow & I’m glad you all got there safe and well. I love you too babe & miss you millions more xxx Rhys don’t know what to do with himself haha he misses you so much. Continue to have an amazing time, I really like the video updates looks like you’re having lots of fun. We will see you Friday! ( can’t wait ) love you. love Mum! Xxxx

  6. Great video!! Aww You all look so comfy in your beds, glad to see you’ve settled in well :). Keep us posted with more fab videos, will be looking forward to watching them.

    • Thanks mum I really miss you soooooooo much!
      On the first day we didn’t do any activities but we had to settle in.
      Today it was awesome!we. Got to go to the beach and had a nice cream.

      By the way I miss safa and day as well!!!!!!!!

  7. So glad you all arrived okay and looks like you have all settled in okay. Can’t wait to see more updates of the fantastic time you will be having miss you all ready.
    Aaisha’a dad.

    • I miss you too daddy, I hug your hat at night and wear it everywhere! I feel like crying at night because I don’t have your special kisses I only have mummy’s slobbery ones.( ewwww) I have had a great time doing all the activities so far.
      Love you xxx
      Aaisha xoxoxo
      P.s: love you Saffy.:)

  8. Thank you for making the video. They look so happy. Hopefully my day will go well, because I saw all the children can’t wait to start their journey. Can’t wait to see another video. Good luck and enjoy every moment.

    • It’s been amazing today. Thank you to every teacher that supported us. Thank you Mum and Dad I really miss you. Miss you, Amaan Ahmed!

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