14 thoughts on “Doly Moch Day 2

  1. Glad your having lots of fun and working in teams. Looking at your video you all look like your having an amazing time. Enjoy the rest of your time.

  2. Wow looks like you are having so much fun, can’t wait to hear all the fine details on Friday and does this mean we no longer need to use the Tom Tom ??.
    We are all missing you here in Coventry but are glad you are having a great time Aaisha’s dad.

  3. I remember Doly Moch well! Loved the beach. I also like the fact that your independent skills are being developed. Mums and dads take note, they can make a sandwich, new regime when they come back!

  4. Wow it looks like they are having lots of fun. The video is amazing and we can see how all the children are busy exploring. Can’t wait to see another video and what activities you will be doing. Have fun! Take care!
    Amaan’s mum

    • This is the best time of my life! It is so fun here at Dollymoch. I’m having so much fun and I really miss you! Wales have such a nice beach! You should come here one day! Don’t miss me too much! Miss you, Amaan. :)

    • I am having the best time here in Dolymoch and it has been very good. I actually slept all night till 7:00 with the lights of. I am really enjoying it and don’t worry I’m fine and enjoying myself. Shane

  5. Wow, this video gave me goosebumps!
    I can tell from the photos that you worked well in your teams to do the activities.
    Hope you all get lots of sleep and wake up feeling fresh for Day 3 of your amazing trip! :)

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