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European day of languages in year 5

Today, year 5 took part in a range of activities to learn more about the language and culture of Greece.

Year 5 have been preparing their own Greek salads. They have learnt how to chop safely using the claw method and have widened their tastebuds by trying new ingredients, such as olives and feta cheese.

We learned the Greek Alphabet by listening to a song and practised singing the song.  From this we practised saying our names and writing our names by creating bookmarks.

Year 5, have taken part in a game of Greek Bingo, where they had to recognise a simple Greek phrase. When the phrase was called out they had to cross that phrase out. If they were lucky enough to get a full house they would shout out ‘BINGO!’ 

Year 5 attempted to choreograph and perform a traditional Greek dance using a video stimulus. We discussed the features of the dance and learnt some of the basic steps. The children then put together a dance in small groups and performed to each other.

Year 5 applied their language learning skills to learning numbers 0-10 in Greek. We learnt about how some of the Greek numbers relate to words in our language (including months of the year). We then made posters to show what we have learnt.

13 responses to “European day of languages in year 5”

  1. Mrs Kiani

    Wow! What amazing activities ! I enjoyed looking at your blog and especially your dance!

  2. Sayda A.

    I loved it thank you

  3. Eliza H.

    I enjoyed it very much

  4. Adam D.

    I had a reall6 fun time my favourite thing was the salad

    1. Miss Akhtar

      You did some amazing chopping, Adam!

  5. Nihal P.

    I loved the greek numbers and a bit of greek salad

  6. Bethany P.

    It was so fun my favourite part was the Greek dance and making he Greek salad !

    1. Miss Akhtar

      I loved delivering the greek salad session, it was so fun :)

  7. Aiza B.

    I enjoyed yesterday because we did fun activities and the activity I mostly enjoyed was the Greek alphabet and the Greek numbers.But normally I enjoyed every thing.😀👍😃 I loved Greek day.

  8. Muazzan M.

    The best part was the Greece 🇬🇷 bingo

  9. Muhammad Y.

    I enjoyed it a lot😁

  10. Muazzan M.

    It was very fun, and I like it.

  11. Myiesha S.

    It was very fun we had a range of different activities to do which was very fair because eveyone idid the same and no one did anything different.

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