Today class, I would like you to work in pairs to research how Spanish people celebrate their birthdays.

Use secondary sources to research and add your findings to the blog please.

Celebrating a birthday in Spain – BBC Teach

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  1. Havin A.

    In Spain peoe lightly pull their ear and if they are for example 8 years old they would pull their ear 8 times and the guests bring treats to share prezents to open for the birthday boy/girl they sit on chairs and talk do funny jokes lagh they also sing a Spanish version of happy birthday called Feliz cumpleaños

  2. Meena B.

    In Spain people celebrate their birthdays like, the guests bring snacks, presents and treats and give the presents or things like that to the birthday person. They also sit around the table and joke, laugh, play, scream and just have fun. They sing Feliz Cumpleaños to the birthday person which means Happy Birthday. The guests pull the birthday person’s ear or flick their head and count up to the birthday person age.

  3. Manha S.

    In Spain they celebrate their birthday like,
    brings in snacks or treats for all of their schoolmates or work friends.
    Rather than the friends treating the birthday girl or boy with treats or gifts.
    In spanish they call birthday cumpleaños.
    (Manha 4R )

  4. Ammar W.

    In Spanish people birthday they pull each other’s ears gently to show how much year old they are.
    They sing a Spanish version of happy birthday .
    They’re gonna give the birthday cake to the person who has a birthday.
    They give birthday presents to the person that has a birthday .
    It is time to eat they eat a famous dish?
    Ammar Arfa

  5. Ravi P.

    When is peoples birthday in Spanish they pull the ear how much their age is like 7, 8,9 .
    They had some birthday cakes 🎂 and some presents 🎁 .
    They also have friends coming over with party’s.
    Ianis ,Emmanuel ,Daniel

  6. Maryam M.

    Spanish people celebrate their birthdays by pulling their ears.
    Spanish people celebrate their birthday by having a special meal 🥘.

    Maryam and Alima

  7. Khadeeja M.

    In Spain they celebrate their birthdays by gently pulling their ear for how old they are .
    There famous dish is pallid
    Hamsia ans Khadeeja

  8. Zoe E.

    Zaeem and Zoe
    Spanish people celebrate their birthday by putting their hands on their ear and counting how much years they are old for example if they are nine years they pull their ear 9 times ,and they play a game and give lots of present to open .they also sing a Spanish version of happy birthday feliz cumpleaños .and while their doing that their parents cook a special meal and when the meal is ready the go and sit and the hard and crunchy bits are reserved for the adults

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