12 responses to “Happy Earth Day”

  1. Hamza M.

    This song is really relaxing.

  2. Logan Brace

    logan loved singing it

  3. Sarah B.

    I liked the sound

  4. Latifa A.

    I love the earth we are fortunate enough to have this beautiful world

  5. Rayan M.

    I am Earth

  6. Saanvika M.

    this keeps me rilaxed

  7. Bilal U.

    What do you do in Earth.

  8. Maximilian J.

    Is this a book or song 🎵?

  9. Tana I.

    Happy earth day and I am soo grateful to be here

  10. Mahid H.

    I love my planet 🌍 but I like lava the most because it’s my favourite colour Red

  11. Ziad H.

    I found it calm and quiet but it made me uncomfortable because it was way too calm for me.

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