Journey to the Centre of The Earth in Y6!

This term, the children have been studying fiction texts based on the novel, Journey to the Centre of The Earth! (Science-Fiction / Fantasy) The work that has been produced has been of high quality; these include double page spreads, character profiles based on inferences and emotions, setting descriptions based on our five senses, followed by our final piece of writing – A Diary entry from the perspective of the main characters: Trevor, Shaun and Hannah. Scroll down to see some the children’s excellent learning!

Double Page Spreads:

Character Profiles and Descriptions:

Final writing outcomes (Diaries)


  1. I absolutely enjoyed this English unit and loved watching the movie!
    I’m proud of my final piece of writing and my setting to write about was the centre of the earth.

  2. We finished the Journey to the Centre of the Earth by writing diary entries from two different perspectives. It was a very fun unit. My favourite character was Trevor, he was a intelligent, funny person.

    My favourite lesson on this unit was writing a diary from a adults perspective.

  3. This unit we have been learning about Journey to the centre of the earth.
    we started with a double page spread and I have enjoyed writing setting description about Trevor, Hanna and Shaun also I have mostly enjoyed writing 2 diaries from an adult and a teenagers point of view.

  4. I have really enjoyed this unit because we have had many opportunities to
    use creative writing and make this story our own! My favourite part during this unit was when we created fun double-page spreads and I also enjoyed writing a diary from a child’s perspective (Shaun’s) because we got really creative with the writing and used informality-which is something we do not really do!

  5. I liked writing my final piece of diary.
    The best thing of the journey centre of the earth is when i described the mine aswell describing Hannah Trevor and shaun…

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