Mayan Society

Today we explored how to Mayan people lived. I made a video showing some of our learning although I ran out of time and missed some of it out.

Please comment on your own research and findings from today’s lesson so I can start using it to create the portfolio.


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  1. The thing that I have learnt today in the Mayas is that they would eat maize mainly but still eat other things such as, sweet potatoes, squash, tomatoes, pumpkin, and root vegetables.

  2. I enjoyed the double-page spread we created on Monday, so far learning about the Mayans is interesting!
    The Maya people would normally eat maize and beans as well as squash, pumpkin, chili peppers, sweet potato, tomatoes, and various kinds of fruit trees for their diet and eat natural growing food, but compared to today, we eat all kinds of foods by using our technology (that is what Mayans eat to keep healthy)!

  3. They had a 52 year old calendar which was followed by two cycles, 1- The Haab and 2- The Tzolkin. If the calendar was longer than 52 years, the Mayans would call it ‘The Long Count.’

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