Mrs Khan’s phonics group – Week 1

This week the phoneme we have been looking at is ’er, ir and ur’. We read the book called ’Looking after a hamsterand identified words with these phoneme. at the end of the week we had a spelling test.

Task – Please answer the questions on page 16 from the book and have a go at the spelling test on spell zone.



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  1. 3. To prepare a hamsters cage you need to put a layer of peat on
    the floor and scatter wood shavings or shredded paper on top.
    4. A hamster wheel, tunnels made from loo roll tubes, ladders made
    from boxes.
    5. you shod hold your hamster gently and Family, you have to pick up your hand every day so it’s gets used to you.
    6. Hamsters eat bits of cornflakes, nuts and cheese.
    7. You keep your hamster by checking it daily for a cold, dirty bottom.

  2. 1. You can buy for put shop
    2.They rating in bold because you need to what to get
    3. You can make there cage with paper wood
    4. You can make hamster tots with roll tubes hamster by fumble
    6. Hamster eat canflake and brad check by chalking his eyes by

  3. Mrs khan I am sorry beccause I know that I have to come but last Friday it wasn’t so that’s why I missed this lesson if today is phonics I will come.

    • Hello Rahaniya, thank you for letting me know. I know you have SATs at the moment. We have been doing Basic Skills in the morning this week so don’t worry about. Have a go at the blog for your homework and I will see you next week.

  4. 1. Pet shop
    2. Choose a hamster wiv clean fur sow it dusunt mec the cayj durtey
    3.Paper wood
    4. Rooll tubes boxes
    5.Soop up in your both hands
    6. cornflake also cheese