Mutual Respect

It is important that we respect each others differences and talents. Some people may think one thing and some people may think another. This is fine, we are allowed to be different and have different opinions but we listen to each other.

Today is art day and over the year you have looked at the work of many artists. Which famous artist do you like and why?

39 thoughts on “Mutual Respect

  1. I like Picasso because his drawing is unique and nice and h when he draws faces it looks very funny and nice and when he gets random shapes together it makes a cool shape

  2. I pick gakenya because he is not just a good artist it’s because he be’s crativ he takes the culer’s for flowers and pained with the culer’s.

  3. I like picasso because I like how he just puts random shapes together it look so cool👌
    Also I like sculpting sculpture’s because it looks so good at the end even if you didn’t succeed at least you tried your best👍🏻

  4. My favourite artist is Picasso because he made a new type of art cubism ,and he inspired younger people in this generation to d9 something similar .

  5. My favourite artist was Pablo Picasso because of his surreal art I became in success at drawing and shading and this may help me today (art day).

  6. My favourite artist is Salvador Dali.This is because he used his thoughts, dreams and imagination to create his pieces of artwork. He also used different colours to represent different moods and emotions.

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