Mutual Respect and Tolerance

The World Cup has started in Qatar, a country which has some laws which are different from ours. This country does not allow people to be different, what message/actions do you think you/we should take? Should you/we do anything? Should you/ we concentrate on our laws and this country and allow every country the chance to choose what actions they take? Over to you…just remember, in this country we  can voice our opinions, but please do not be offensive.

39 thoughts on “Mutual Respect and Tolerance

  1. If someone is hurt In the laws and if they are poor help them give them food clothes and give them money and bring them to your house 🏠

  2. In 4 White we discussed how different countries have different laws.
    Yahya believes that Qatar should allow everyone to be unique and different.
    However Lawan believes that they are entitled to make their own laws as we do in this country.
    Haarun believes everyone has the right to be treated the way we would like to be treated.

  3. Here are 1 Red’s comments;
    Joshua thinks we should do something together so we could learn from each other.
    Great thinks we should just mind our own actions.
    Rishan thinks we have to listen to their rules to try and understand them.
    Hosanna thinks we should teach them our way of doing things.

  4. We discussed this as a class. I (Mrs Latham) was really pleased with their empathy and individuality that they showed in this discussion.
    We would want to send a message to Qatar is to treat people fairly and with equality. We would love them to be able to not judge others and to treat them with care.
    However, we also discussed the importance of every country making their own rules and laws and how we would feel if other countries tried to impose their ideas on the UK.
    – 5 White

  5. I think we all should respect everyone and are family and friends so we can be good and be good friends to everyone in our school and family so they can be proud of us.

  6. Everybody has their own opinions and thoughts and people should be respected for their thoughts.
    Our country has its own laws and whoever comes to this country has to follow the same. Similarly,other countries have their own laws and they should be respected as well.

  7. I disagree with Qatar’s law. If you cannot be different, then you cannot show your uniqueness. To help, I think that we can state the problem to others so that we can spread awareness.

  8. I think we should make posters showing that all of us should be different and explain why were different and why were unique and people should have the rights to be different because no matter what were all humans

  9. I think they should let people do what they wanted because it’s the World Cup it’s global so maybe for the World Cup they can change a bit of the rules then change to what they want.

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