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Mutual Respect and Tolerance

The World Cup has started in Qatar, a country which has some laws which are different from ours. This country does not allow people to be different, what message/actions do you think you/we should take? Should you/we do anything? Should you/ we concentrate on our laws and this country and allow every country the chance to choose what actions they take? Over to you…just remember, in this country we  can voice our opinions, but please do not be offensive.


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  1. I think people should be who they want to be and respect people no matter the choice they make but sometimes you do have to follow the rules for your own safety.

  2. In 4 Blue, some of us think we should speak out when we see something is wrong, others think we should let other countries have their own laws and not interfere.
    Mo says people should have a choice and we can’t control what they think.
    MG thinks different countries all have different laws and this is the same.
    Nihal thinks we should listen to people who actually live in the country.
    Osas says it might be difficult to have different laws in different countries as it makes it harder to know if you have broken the law when travelling.

  3. In 3 White we believe all people believe they have the right to be who they want to be. In a perfect world everybody would respect and embrace differences because we believe it is great to be unique.
    We also think each country has the right to make laws of their choice, but they also need to be considerate to others who may live differently. We must tolerate the laws of any country we visit and be respectful as we want people to be respectful in our country.
    Alya thinks everyone should have kind hearts and by sharing their kind hearts they will put kindness into others.
    Adrian thinks every country should show mutual respect to people’s skin colours and genders.
    Ebenezre believe religious differences should be respected.
    We thought that no 2 people are the same and no country is exactly the same but as global citizens we need to respect this.