Today years 4,5 and 6 had a visit from Declan (Coventry Police) and Adam (Sky Blues) who talked to them about a UK wide initiative to fight racism. The initiative is being championed by football clubs across the UK who work with the local police teams to communicate key anti-racism messages throughout their community. Broad Heath is now part of that community and children were inspired to be role models for the rest of the school in taking a no-tolerance stance against racism. Declan and Adam talked about the importance of some of our school values – respect, communication and kindness – in making the world a better place where everyone, irrespective of race, religion, skin colour is part of the community.

Following the assembly children designed anti-racism posters which will be entered into a competition to win tickets to a Coventry City football game!

What did you learn from the assembly and how are YOU going to make a difference?

10 responses to “No room for racism at Broad Heath”

  1. Mohamed E.

    It was so much fun I hope we do this one day😃😃

  2. Zahra D.

    Thank you for teaching us about this we really enjoyed making posters

    Sarah, Zahra D

  3. Irfa M.


  4. Hadiya M.

    I learnt so much my question is when will you declare the winners?

  5. Esa A.

    good job

  6. Najma O.

    I learnt so much from the No RoomFor racism .

  7. Tana I.

    It was fun creating the poster

  8. Aiza B.

    Racism should stop because it is bad for all people who are the colour black and sometimes brown😭😢

  9. Manha S.

    Of you be racist to someone, just think how you would you feel if somebody is being racist to you…

  10. Yasmin A.

    You can not be racist.
    It will make people feel 😔 miserable

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