We are looking at the appropriateness of ORCHESTRATION. Orchestration is the choice of instruments to be heard: by the composer.

This is the Composer’s original intention (Charles Camille Saint Saens- French Composer.

18 responses to “Non Glasto Year 6’s”

  1. Taha A.

    This music was fun and I enjoyed the
    Swans because the rhythm was

  2. Aisha R.

    This is because I like how the sound is more smoother than the bells

  3. Abdul Y.

    I like the second one because I like the way she plays the piano and the man plays the chalk

  4. Gufran E.

    I prefer it because it sounds more graceful.

  5. Naimol A.

    The swan Camille chello was relaxing 😌

  6. Abraham E.


  7. Abraham E.

    Because the family played the instrument

  8. Rahat A.

    The cello is more bass and tune while when Bill Bailey used different bells in shapes to create different tones of sound over a piano. Both were very good but the cello had more tune to it then the bells did so I think the cello did better than the bells.

  9. Sana N.

    I like the second version more because it is more calming and peaceful.

  10. Inaaya S.

    I like the one with bells because it a different Type of playing the music

  11. Kevin Rowlatt

    I liked the cello and piano one but the bell one was funny so I’m going with the bell one.😃

  12. Mehar R.

    All music was amazing because of the inspiring

  13. Gufran E.

    I prefer the Kennan -Mason version.

  14. Aisha R.

    I like the cello better.

  15. Naimol A.

    The swan was devastated from the chilo

  16. Abraham E.

    The second one it good

  17. Abraham E.

    The song is very excellent and 👍

  18. Naimol A.

    Thank u for the info the alpine music was funny

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