Hola Clase! Today we will research a Spanish Scientist using ipads as a secondary source.

Use the website link on the IWB as a starting point and also Google search to focus on one of the scientists listed:

Severo Ochoa, Ernesto Sabato, Santigo Ramon y Cajal, Francisco J Ayala, Francois Arago, Antonio de Ulloa

Present your research in the form of a fact-file.

8 responses to “Spanish Scientists!”

  1. Abraham E.

    Antonio the scientist

  2. Abraham E.


  3. Abraham E.

    That looks fun

  4. Kevin Rowlatt

    I’ve done it

  5. Inaaya S.

    I made a poster of a scientist called Julio pulavcious
    Did you know that he was a football that he retired

  6. Naimol A.

    I like the Spanish food combination

  7. Taha A.

    we also did were you have to put the picture and match the words

  8. Tana I.

    Today we played a Spanish card game.
    It recaps what we learnt over the years and taught us some new words.

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