Nursery Snow Day

We have been learning about how to look after our teeth.

Please hunt around your home for Items that begin with the letters/sounds of : M, A and S ( Mouse ((toy)) etc).

Please leave comments on the blog of your Phonic Finds: Sink etc.

If it is safe to do so: Please go out side into the snow and draw an “s” shape.

22 responses to “Nursery Snow Day”

  1. zahra M.

    M: mouse, mirror, mummy, mat
    A: ant, apple
    S: snake, scissors, slippers

    1. Mr Russell

      Great work Zahra. Can you speak each of your words, clearly?

  2. Jasmine M.

    Jasmine found the following objects beginning with the letter M, S and A and was able to say the words loudly and clearly.

    M: Mirror, Mat, Mircowave, Mug,
    S: Sink, Sofa, Shoes, Socks, Saucepan
    A: Airfryer, Apple, Avacado, Almonds

    1. Mr Russell

      Very well done to you Jasmine. I am delighted that you also speak the words clearly.

  3. Alperen Y.

    Mango, man
    Seazor, salt,shoes,sock,sofa

    1. Mr Russell

      Well done Alperen. how many pairs of scissors did you find?

  4. Amina S.

    Mountain, Mum, Muffin, Mango
    Snow, Sun, Spoon
    Apple, Api, Ant, Aeroplane, Allah

    1. Mrs Langley

      Well done Amina…A super collection of words, you have worked hard!

  5. Aizah U.

    Aizah found
    M mermaid mouse mirror
    S slipper snake snail
    A animals apple ant

    1. Mr Russell

      Well done Aizah. Can you say each of the words out loud, clearly?

  6. Zahra U.

    The answers to t he following sounds:
    M sounds : mug
    Mango juice
    Meerkat toy

    A sounds : apple

    S sounds: sun

    1. Mr Russell

      Thank you Zahra. Can you say the words clearly? I loved your collections of words.

  7. Zakariya K.

    Zakariya independently found…
    M: MONKEY πŸ’, MUG β˜•οΈ & MICROPHONE 🎀
    Zakariya has enjoyed watching the videos.

    1. Mr Russell

      Thank you. Great work Zakaria. Can you speak each of the words out loud, and clearly?

  8. Isabella F.

    M- microphone, mug, mircowave
    A- apples, airplanes, ambulance
    S- shoes, socks, snake

    1. Mr Russell

      Well done Isabella. Can you sound out the words clearly?

      1. Isabella F.

        Isabella did well sounding and saying the words clearly that she has found around her home

  9. Zalaa M.

    M for Mug
    A for Apple
    S for sock

    1. Mr Russell

      Thank you Zalaa. Can you speak the words clearly that you have hunted?

  10. Sufyan J.

    Sufyan said, this was in my nursery and while having breakfast he was singing to the second video. He has brushed his teeth and watched the video’s, he loves them.

    1. Mr Russell

      I am pleased that you enjoyed the information songs, Sufyan. Singing along and remembering the words is a very useful skill. Did you find any objects in your home that begin with – M, A and S?

      1. Sufyan J.

        Yes I found
        A: Apple, Ambulance, Alligator
        M: Microwave, Money, Mug,
        S: Snow, Sweets, Spiderman costume, Socks, Sugar

        I really enjoyed finding these iteams beginning with A,M,S.

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