8 thoughts on “One White PSHE – People who help us!

  1. The dentist helps children to keep there teeth cleaned
    Firefighter helps to take the fire out and keep everyone safe
    doctors help everyone when you are ill
    The gp helps children when you are injured
    the vets helps to get the pets safe and better

  2. The doctors give me medicine when i am sick.
    The dentist help me keep my teeth clean.
    The teacher helps me learn.
    The school cleaners help keep the school nice and tidy.
    The lollipop person helps me cross the road.

  3. I was so proud of you working as a team and supporting each other today. Your were brilliant Broad Heath Citizens talking about citizens that support in the wider community.
    Thank you again!

  4. Thank you to all the children who have commented. I have enjoyed reading your comments.
    Remember the people in the community do lots of different jobs to help us and they are all important and we need them.
    You will all get a raffle tickets for commenting on the blog. Well done!

  5. There are many people in our community who helps us like firefighters help when somewhere is fire..
    police helps to cross the road
    Doctor helps to us they give us medicine

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