As we enter the last few weeks of school and the start of December, I thought I would remind you of a few things.

Next week is the last week of clubs, they start again in January, as soon as we come back. Children who want to attend homework club have been invited on the blog to attend.

Last swimming sessions are next week. Please be assured that the pool is warm and the temperature is high…very toasty! Please remember how lucky you are to have a swimming pool, you cannot get flu from wet hair.

Children must continue to wear PE kit on PE  days. We also have well-being days whereby PE kit is required.

Please check the calendar for all trips etc and times.

Breakfast Club is on every day and will start again January 3 rd. Children MUST arrive before 8:10 am.

Finally holidays will not be authorised in term time. I will authorise the odd day if discussed but time taken off in school time of more than 5 days will incur a fine. Children under 5 will not be fined but could lose their school place.

We break up on Thursday 15 th December at normal times. Please continue to arrive at school before 8:45 pm.

Many thanks everyone.



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  6. Meena B.

    Do you mean 15th December or Friday?

    1. Head Teacher

      Thursday as per calendar.

  7. Meena B.

    Do mean 15th of December?

  8. Nihit N.

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