13 thoughts on “Reception Maths Challenge – Summer 2

  1. Kaavya counted eight apples correctly. With the help of pencils I made her understand how to share. Then she divided it that,
    Each tree needs to share 4 apples among them to be equal.

  2. Hatim counted the 8 apples and divided them confidently as 4 apples for each tree.
    He wrote the sum correctly on a paper that is 4+4=8 . 😊

  3. Aaron counted 8 apples.
    They have 4 apples each. Aaron worked this out by starting at the ends of each line and counting in to the middle.
    4+4=8 (needed support to understand how to write the sum)

  4. Rayyan gave me a total of 8 apples which is correct.For sharing hes a bit confused and he was like two apples go there one go there and three go here so im going to print this out and tell him that 4 apples go on each tree.4+4=8

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