Hi Parents,

If your child is in Yellow, Blue or Green group we would like to invite you to Stay and Play tomorrow (Friday 24th March) at 2:15pm. Please comment below to confirm your attendance.

Many thanks.

Reception Team.

14 responses to “Reception Stay and Play.”

  1. Mahid H.

    Mahid mummy will be coming 🏃‍♂️

  2. Anastazja P.

    Anastazja’s mum will be coming. Thank you.

  3. Meva K.

    I wıll attend. Thanks

  4. Otillia

    Tilly’s Papa will be attending

  5. Aryan K.

    I will attend. Thank you

  6. Junnut M.

    Thanks will be there

  7. Aisha A.

    I m coming aisha mum

  8. Logan B.

    Logans mum will be attend tomorrow

  9. Sara I.

    Sara’s mum will attend. Thank you.

  10. Patrick V.

    Patrick’s mum will be there.

  11. Arsalan M.

    Hi, Arsalan’s parent will attend tomorrow.

  12. Hasan B.

    Hasan’s mom will attend it tomorrow.

    1. Mohammed A.

      My mum will attend

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