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Rule of Law

Rules are important they keep us safe.

1 Which rule in school is the most important?

2 If you could create a new rule for school what would it be?


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  1. 1 White: We think following the rules is important to make sure that we are safe and our trusted adults can look after us well.

    Faith: My favourite school rule is to respect and care for all things.

    Grace: To follow the rules to the best of my ability.

    Mahrokh: To be respectful.

    Our new rules would be:

    Haaniya: To ALWAYS listen to out teachers.

    Marceline: We always have to eat all of our dinner.

  2. I think that the most important school value is honesty. I think this because it you are lying then no one will believe you, you just have to tell the truth then other people will believe you.
    I think a great school value is helping others when they are upset or hurt.

  3. 1. I think the most important rule is to try your very, very best in everything.
    2. I think a great school rule would be… MAKE OTHERS HAPPY!!!!

  4. Which rule in the school is the most important?
    I think To never give up is the most important rule because if you don’t give your best you will never achieve anything in school or in your life.
    If you create a new rule what would it be?
    Always rise up and don’t fall.

  5. The rules are very important I think that stop look and listen is very important for example if stop look and listen doesn’t exist then it would just be chaos .and also try your best because if you don’t understand you first try then ask.
    If there was a new rule it would be speak to every one kindle ,respect and no talking when the teacher is.

  6. 4 White think all the school rules are important but especially ‘Stop, look and listen please,’ because the adult could be drawing your attention to something dangerous.
    Even though it is a school value, Marwah would like the rule of everyone must be honest and not tell lies.

  7. To give your best>
    We think all of the rules are important because if you follow them, they keep us safe.
    New rule:
    Always eat your vegetables and SMILE!

  8. 1 Red had 2 rules they thought most important;
    Stop look and listen please so everyone could hear the teacher.
    Speak to everyone kindly and respectfully so we make friends and everyone is happy.
    As a class we thought no running in the classroom would be a good rule, as well as be kind if someone makes a mistake.

  9. Rule of law.
    Q1)The most important school is number 2 witch is to respect and care for all things.
    Q2)If I created a school rule it would be.Never give up and try your best.