Thank you to those who have signed up for the Saturday clubs starting tomorrow. There are a handful of places left for both sessions so if you are still interested please complete the forms below;

Year 3&4 9:50 – 10:50

Year 6 11:00 – 11:55

Here is a list of those students taking part;

3/4 Club;

Chavi 3 Blue
Eesaa 3 Blue
Sidra 3 Blue
Esa3 Blue
Tasneem3 Blue
Musa 3 Blue
Abdelrahman 3 Red
Ebeid3 Red
Abigail3 Red
Charis 3 Red
Sumayyah 3 Red
Dj3 Blue
Mustafa 3 White
Eva 3 White
Yegor3 White
Hishaam 3 White
Ebnezer3 White
Muazzan4 Blue
Mustafa 4 Blue
Aiza 4 Blue
Amina4 Blue
Anish 4 Blue
Arfa 4 Red
Mohammed 4 Red
Anaya4 Red
Minhaj 4 White
AayanYear 6 Sport Leader
HasanYear 6 Sport Leader
LuxorYear 6 Sport Leader
AatifaYear 6 Sport Leader

NB Sports leaders are able to stay for both sessions.

Year 6 Club

Aaminah 6 Blue
Hammad6 Blue
Ismaeel6 Blue
Aatifa6 Blue
Saee6 Blue
Smanta 6 Blue
Muhammed 6 Red
Samik6 Red
Kevin6 Red
Kaif6 Red
Muhammad 6 Red
Inaaya6 White
Zakariya 6 White
Umar6 White
Serina6 White
Safa6 White
Lillie6 White
Lawy6 White
Maryam 6 White
Joel6 White
Shaikh6 White
Zak D6 White
Prisha 6 White

11 responses to “Saturday Club Start Tomorrow!”

  1. Sara K.

    Thank you for the information

  2. Adam D.

    Ok thank you for the info

  3. Esa A.

    i enjoyed it today

  4. Musa B.

    Sorry Mr Rawlings I won’t be coming this Saturday because I woke up at 9.10am so I couldn’t come but I will make sure I come next Saturday

  5. Aatifa A.

    Hi good morning. I can stay for both session🤼‍♀️🤾‍♀️

  6. Muhammad B.

    I can’t wait I have already filled in the form.

  7. Musa B.

    I can’t wait until it starts because I have filled the form

  8. Joel G.

    Ok mr Rawlings I will make sure I come tomorrow

  9. Kaif B.

    I can’t wait to come

  10. Hasan S.

    I will try to be there for both clubs or maybe just one1

  11. Luxor A.

    Ok mr Rawlings I will be doing that. I have told my parents.

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