Science Week, Day 2 🧪

Another super day for science week in 2 Red. Today we have discussed what plants and animals need to survive, the importance of exercise and how it makes us feel and the differences between animals and humans. Please watch our video below to see what we got up to!

1.Name something that plant or animal needs to survive.
2. Why is it important to exercise?
3. Can you write 2 facts about Elephants and how they are different from humans?

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  1. Zakariyah A.

    Animals and plants need food and water to survive.
    Exercise is important because it makes your body strong.
    Elephants are pregnant for 22 months and they have big ears.
    Elephants use the trunk to grab food but humans don’t use there nose to grab food.

  2. Nabira M.

    They need air
    To stay healthy

  3. Amina I.

    1 Trees, water and food .
    2 It is important to exercise because it helps you grow stronger .
    1 It is a different type of colour.
    2 Elephants have huge ears and legs.
    3 Elephants have a long trunk, but a human has a tiny nose .

  4. Mustafa A.

    1Water food and air
    2Exercise is important because it makes you strong and run fast
    3Humans have small noses and elephants have long noses
    And elephants have big ears humans don’t

  5. Tala I.

    Water for your hart and brayn elephant mums stay pregnant for 22 months

  6. Aqsa S.

    Plants need sunlight water soil time and take care of it .
    Because you’ll get more healthy.
    Because they Cary the baby for 22 months and a human lady Cary’s the baby for 9 months and they have long eyelashes and we have short eyelashes

  7. Esa I.

    Animals need oxygen , food, water and shelter
    You get stringer and muscles get stronger
    Elephants have 4 legs , and they diffrent colour eyes, they carry baby for 22 months

  8. Shayan S.

    Animals need water , food , oxygen, shelter to survive. Exercise is important because your heart gives blood around your body which you are getting more healthier. Elephants are pregnant for 22 months and they have a long nose. Elephants are different to humans because a Elephants nose is longer than humans nose. Elephants are pregnant for 22 months but humans are pregnant for 9 months

  9. Jasmine P.

    Water , air, trees
    Exercise is very important because we burn calories and feeling healthy.
    Elephants are bigger and they got four legs and very big nose and ears

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