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Scientifically Super Week 🔬🥼🧪

This week at Broad Heath we have been answering some amazing big questions.
Here are some examples of the amazing learning, gaining and growing we have achieved this week.

Nursery – Which objects float and sink?

Reception – Which items sink and float?

Year 1 – How can we group animals?

Year 2 – What is growing and changing?

Year 3 – Can we live on Mars?

Year 4 – how can wind help us?

Year 5 – Why are scientists important?


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  1. Nursery – Which objects float and sink?
    Objects that float have little weight like a feather,however,things with lots of weight like a toy will sink.

  2. Scientists are important because they find out new things and make new discoveries.
    We also need them as we need them in everyday lives.🧪🥼

  3. Wind can helps, us by providing electricity without burning any fuel or polluting the air.
    This is also really good for the environment.

  4. We have been learning about exercise, if you do lots of exercise blood will go around your body which means you are getting healthier. We have been learning about elephants and how to live.