5Red Bridges lesson

Today we started our STEAM project about Bridges. We visited different types of bridges on the Coventry Canal and compared them. Here are some of the bridges we investigated. What similarities can you see between each bridge? What materials are they made from? What type of bridge are they and why?

Year 5 STEAM Project walk – Monday 14th

Hello all, On Monday we are going to be going on a small local walk looking at our local bridges🌉. This will become more clear for the children once we’ve had our first lesson on Monday. Please ask your children what they learnt. Please can all children ensure they have a bottle of water 💧as […]

5Reds Coventrian Day 2 – Music Videos

We have taken the inspiration from our fellow Coventrian Delia Derbyshire to produce our our music and music videos. We used GarageBand to create the electric music and manipulated it to give a science fiction style to it like Delia Derbyshires music. We hope you like our work. Our Music Videos

5Red’s Coventrian Day 1

Today we have had a fantastic day learning all about a Lady that changed electronic music forever. Delia Derbyshire was a fantastic empowering woman that wrote and produced the theme tune to Dr Who. Firstly we learnt about Dr Who. Then we researched Delia Derbyshire. After we investigated how Delia inspired others. We then met […]

Year 5 Music comparison

Today, we have been learning about Coventrian Delia Derbyshire and her amazing work with electronic music composing. In school, we have been comparing her Doctor Who theme tune that she wrote and produced and the version by Orbital. Please listen below and answer the questions. Questions Which one did you prefer and why? What differences […]

Year 5 Duke of Edinburgh Day

What a fabulous day we’ve had today learning about the Duke of Edinburgh, whose 100th birthday it would have been tomorrow! Take a look below to see all the great things we’ve done, and leave a comment to share what you enjoyed and what you gained from the day. Fact Files Orienteering Fire Pit Origami […]

Health Week in 5Red

Wow what a super fun health week to end our half term! Take a look at some of the things we have done this week. Mindful Monday To kick start our Health week we looked at developing our growth mindset by helping others. We discussed the time when someone had done something really kind for […]

5Red Fieldwork trip

This half term we have been comparing Coventry and Stratford-Upon-Avon. Traditionally, children get the opportunity to travel to Stratford and carry out their field work. However, due to COVID-19 we were unable to do so we adapted our planning to ensure the children could apply similar learning skills to our wonderful city of Coventry. The […]

Workout Wednesday in 5 Red!

Today for Workout Wednesday we were looking at our increasing and decreasing pulse rates and the effects excercise has on it. To make it a fair test we chose 3 independent variables, which were our choice of moderate or physical activities. The dependent variable was to put our fingers on our pulse area to measure […]

Year 5 Homework (Due 26th May)

Hello Year 5!Below is your homework for this week. Pick two tasks of your choice. English Starter: Handwriting Practice- Practice your spellings from this term. Main task: What if? Take the events from Macbeth. What if one of those key events changed? How would the start go? Write the ending from that point. Maths Complete […]

5Red Number Day

In 5Red we have completed some hard challenges and learned about how maths is important in life and FUN! Here are some of the things we have completed today. 5Red here is another challenge for you to complete. Have Fun

5Red Macbeth Drama

Foul is fair and fair is foul…. this week we have been acting the first scene of Macbeth. We have made progress by understanding how to represent emotions through drama, developed new vocabulary, and understand the terms fate and superstition. Great drama 5red What did people in Elizabethan times think of witches? What is superstition? […]

5Red Coventry Canal fieldwork

Today we carried out field work to investigate if Coventry Canal is a type of river. Here are some pictures and videos of what we found. We investigated the source of the Coventry canal and discovered there was no huge mountains like rivers have. We also were able to walk around the start of the […]

Year 5 WOW home learning: DT

This week we have looked at different settings in The Hobbit. You can create a model of your favourite location described in the Hobbit. You can include characters within the setting however we mainly want to see the details in the setting. What location will you create? Here are some examples to get inspiration from. […]

5Red Dwarves song

We were learning a song from The Hobbit. Our learning intention was to comprehend and perform ‘Far far over the Misty Mountain cold’ poem/song. Here are some videos of our performances. Can you Sing along?

Year 5 Home Learning DT/Topic

After a great week of progress and gains, our homework challenge is about our Rivers topic. We want you to create a bridge from recycling that will go over a 10cm river. So it spans 10 cm. However, it needs to hold the weight of at least 30g. Key information Spans 10cm Holds 30g Made […]

5Red Hobbit Day

Today has been a great day and all children gained. Here is what we got up too. What was your favourite part of the day and why? What character was your least favourite and why? What vocabulary did you learn today?

5Red’s Awesome Attitudes

I hope it hasn’t been too quiet at home this week without your amazing children because in school all of 5Red have been so fantastic. 📚 In English, we have been completing an information text all about rivers and learning some subject specific vocabulary too. Please ask them about rivers. 🧮 In Maths, we have […]

Whole School PE Today 10:30

Hi everyone, we are doing a whole school PE lesson today at 10:30am. I’m’ looking forward to seeing you all there, it would be great if we could see all of you again this week. The password is the last name of our Head Teacher, no Mr/Mrs/Miss in front of her name. Mark Rawlings is […]