5Red Maths Week

Wow, what an mathematical week we’ve had in 5Red. We have been to 4 different areas of the Crystal maze and completed some task in each area. her are some of our Fantastic work we’ve completed this week. Which is your favourite piece of work? What Maths skills did you use this week? What Broad […]

Science After School Club

It is a fantastic time of the year. We have a Science After School Club that will start on Monday 7th November and will run for 5 weeks. We will be completeing Science Investigations and answers some BIG QUESTIONS. Can all the students who would like to take part reply by filling in the form […]

5red Ghanaian Traditions

This week we have been looking at Ghana and it’s traditions and art. We have created some amazing masks and some research work too. Today we were lucky enough to complete some experiences of Ghanaian traditions too. Dance Chocolate tasting Games

5Red Eon Workshop

Today we had a fantastic opportunity to complete a workshop with the energy company Eon. We learnt all about renewable energy and we even became engineers ourselves. We created our own wind turbines. Here are some photos from our workshop.

5Red’s King Charles iii Documentaries

Good afternoon and welcome to the broadcasting event in 5Red Productions. We have been learning about King Charles and his new role within the monarchy and the Commonwealth. Here are our reporters with all the information you require. Thinking about the King Charles and the Commonwealth Countries he is now monarch of, which country would […]

5Reds Spectacular Space Center

Today we had the fantastic opportunity to visit the National Space Center in Leicester. The children in 5Red were fascinated by the revels of Space and Our Solar System. Here are some of our great adventures around the Center. Now answer these questions…

5Red’s European Day of Languages

5red have had a great day today learning about Germany and the language of German. We found it tricky but really got the hang of it quickly. Look at our video of our conversations. Next, we investigated where Germany was in the world and in Europe. It was great to use our atlas’. We created […]

5Red direct and reported speech lesson

Today we were learning about speech. First we looked at the differences between reported and direct speech. Next, we completed some drama with each person being a reporter and an eye witness. Here are some of our drama sequences. Explain what is the difference between reported and direct speech?

5red Global Citizenship week so far

This week has been a time to reflect as a global citizen. A global citizen is someone who is aware of and understands the wider world – and their place in it. They take an active role in their community and work. We have looked at what it means to be a global citizen and ranked our […]

Year 5 Maths Homework – Week 4

Hello Year 5. We have been learning all about different units of measurement. Our weakest is measurements of time. So please complete these challenges in your homework book. Remember I want to see all workings out too… Bronze Silver Gold GD Challenge – you must complete Gold too. Remember to complete these in your homework […]

Growing into Year 5

We in 5Red are really looking forward to meeting you all on Wednesday. Here is a quick sneak peak into our new classroom. If you have any questions, please post them here and we can talk about them on Wednesday. Have a great day. Mrs Masters and Mrs Habib

5Red Glorious Greek Day

From our Glorious Greeks day, we can tell you everything you want to know about the ancient Greeks, from mythical gods and goddesses and the Olympic Games, to warriors and heroes such as Hercules. Sculpture Materials investigation We investigated which materials we best for sculpturing. We tested paper, foil, playdoh and clay. Here are some of […]

5Red English debate lesson

We have been learning about the language of discussion texts. We then have debated 2 topics People should give to human charities over animals charities. We should ban scientific animal testing. Here are 2 videos of our debates. What is your opinion?

Numeracy Day 5Red

Growth Mindset To start the day off we looked at growth mindset in maths. We discovered that mistakes and learning from them creates better paths in our brains. We can all be great mathematician’s? 3D Shapes Next, we recapped our 3D shape knowledge. We made nets and created 3D shapes. Then we investigated their properties. […]

5red Science Experiment

Today we learnt about density of liquid. We learnt what density was? We then used milk, water, oil and honey to experiment with the density of each liquid. Here are some of the pictures. For children who need to upload their competition piece please use this share point .

5red Macbeth Witches drama

Today we were exploring the playscript from Macbeth. We used different dramatic conventions like freeze frames. Here are some of our pictures and videos from our performances. What did we have to concentrate on doing whilst performing? What language did we learn today?

5red first week of Summer term

This week we have been very busy. English We have been learning the story of Macbeth. Maths In maths we have been adding and subtracting decimals Science Our topic this term is Marvellous Mixtures. We created our own mixtures DT As we are learning about Macbeth and Shakespeare we have learnt all about theatres. Geography […]

5Red Health Week Thursday

Common Wealth Games We had a fantastic opportunity to compete in an inter year common wealth games today With Archery, Discus, 100 metre sprint, Rugby and Javelin. It was so much fun. Have a look at our amazing photos and video. Maths We have also been practising our time skills. We created our own clocks […]

5red Tuesday Health week

Skateboarding – We had a fantastic opportunity to learn how to Skateboard. It was so much fun. Have a look at our amazing photos and video. Be Healthy We looked at what effects poor diet and unhealthy eating would cause. We created our own meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Science We are answering a […]

5red surrealist artwork

This half term we have been learning about Salvador Dali. Salvador Dalí made paintings, sculptures and films about the dreams he had. He painted melting clocks and floating eyes, clouds that look like faces and rocks that look like bodies. Sounds weird right? Think about what your paintings would look like if you painted your […]

5red canal investigation trip

Today we were answering a big question…. is a canal a type of river? We all walked to the Coventry Canal Basin and observed the similarities and differences between rivers and canals. Questions Name 5 features of a canal? Is a canal a river? Why do you think that?