Year 5 Homework

What a fantastic first week of curriculum work. Now is the time to show off with all the knowledge you have gained and produce some amazing homework. Remember, to send work on SharePoint and reply to the blog saying sent only. English Homework To analyse and identify the key features of a text.Find an example […]

Year 5 Strange Sightings

Well in Year 5 there was an extraordinary sighting. Above Year 5 there was what only can be described as an UFO. This phenomenon was spotted and a video was taken. Please watch the video below. Can you explain what is a UFO? What is your theory as to why any aliens would like to […]

5Red This is Me project week.

We have had a fantastic start to our year with this week’s project week. All children have settled in brilliantly with huge smiles on their faces and wonder in theor eyes. They are already used to our daily routines and learning our class expectations. We have delved into our class mantra ‘If you can dream […]

5Red Peer Pressure Drama

Today we were trying to understand what peer pressure is and how to combat it We completed some scenarios and used drama to act them out Here are our videos. . . Challenge – If your best friends asked you to do something you knew was wrong what would you do and why?

5Red dreamy first day 💭

Welcome to year 5. It was a pleasure to have the children start back in school today We have had a good day. We learnt all about our own mantra ‘if you can dream it, you can do it’. From this we discussed what this meant and what our dreams are for this year. We […]

5Red Home learning 20.07.2021

Maths Polygon party Only 2D shapes with straight sides are invited to the polygon party. Follow this link and learn all about Polygons. Task – Take photos of some polygons in your home and create a picollage and send to this SharePoint. English It’s all about adjectives. Can you create a lovely word cloud about yourself. Use colours and shapes […]

5Red home learning 19.07.2021

Our last week of year 5. today we are going to have some more fun. English As it has been very hot over the weekend I would like you to write a poem all about the hot weather You could include – how you feel, what you do, what you can’t do. Remember to use […]

5Red Home Learning 16.07.2021

Good Morning all, It is fun Friday so here are a few tasks for you to complete. English Your English task is on LBQ today = 8tsw There are some different questions all about English. A complete review of Year 5. Show me how awesome you are. Maths Your Maths task is on Education city […]

5Red home learning 15.07.2021

Good morning all. I am so sorry we are back to home learning. We will keep you up to date with all information. REMEMBER ZOOM IN THE MORNINGS 9AM. Todays’ Home learning is Maths We have been looking at angles in school. Today I want you to complete the LBQ on estimating and ordering angles […]

5Red Geography Day out

Wow what a fantastic day at Stratford. We looked at the famous William Shakespeare’s statue and his home. We completed a field sketch of the human features of the high street. Whilst in the town we compared the local architecture within Stratford to Coventry. There was more carvings within the wood within Stratford Tudor houses. […]

Transition day with 4White

Good Afternoon. I want to say a huge well done to you all for being so resilient with our transition morning. It is difficult to meet you all on zoom again however you were amazing. Me and Mrs Diaz are super excited to work and gain with you all in September as 5Red. Here are […]

4Blue Transition meeting 11am

Hi guys, Welcome back please have with you your learning profiles and your what makes me, me resources. They don’t have to have all of the detail now, but I would like you to be able to share your work. Mr Kane and Mrs Habib Password for this meeting is 4+1= (using digits only)

4 White transition day work

Good morning, Thank you for joining the zoom call. Here is the work that you need to do before our next zoom call at 11.30am TASK 1 We would love to know all about you. We want you to create a poster about yourself on Purple Mash. Some things we want to know (remember to […]

Y5 Home learning – (06/07/21)

English-Myths & Legends(Sharepoint) Maths-Division(Sharepoint) Good morning Year 5! Watch the video below to work through your learning with me today, pausing the video where you need to and where you have been asked to complete some challenges. Bronze Challenge Silver Challenge Gold Challenge When you have completed your work, with working out presented in the […]

5Red information from Mrs Masters

Hello all, Firstly, I want to be thankful for the amazing work from the children in 5red. They all really stepped up today and completed their home learning very well. Keep it up guys, we are gaining. We are still self-isolating so not in school tomorrow this is the message from Mrs Donnelly – The […]