Skills academy: Mini Golf ⛳️

Over the last few sessions we have been learning the name of equipment, we have developed a range of skills and most important of all, every child has showed resilience and teamwork skills.
Well done everyone!

Developing our independent golf skills

Gallery of our final skills academy

Golf Vocabulary

Golfer golf club golf ball putting hole-in-one

What have you gained during this skills academy?


  1. The thing I enjoyed is speaking to different year groups
    I also liked golf because it was helping me develop my skills
    During golf I have managed to make friends with people
    The skills I used are teamwork and communication
    I have been a good citizen by helping the younger years with there golfing skills

  2. In golf club l have gained my skills of learning the key words like club and lot more words . l have enjoyed golf club because l have develop my skills of golf . The broadcast heath value l have used is teamwork Communication and respect .

  3. I have gained doing hole in one in number 2
    This was really fun and this would be my 3rd favourite sport.
    My favourite part was that I skipped hole 1 to 2.
    The Broad Heath Value i have used are Kindness and Tenacity.
    I went 2 Place and this shows me how to use focus and calm.
    I have learnt the word ⛳️ Club.

  4. I have enjoyed playing golf and making new friends. My favourite part was when we used the score cards. At first I did not feel confident playing golf, but now that I have played mini golf for skills academy, I feel confident. Some of the values I have used in mini golf are resilience, knowledge and individuality.

  5. I have enjoyed having the ability to play against my friends.
    My favourite part was competing against different pupils .
    At first I was nervous but now I am confident.
    The broadheath value I used is honesty and because when the y think I got 2 I said I got three because I got three and they misunderstood
    I have learnt the word golf club it is the putter that you hit the ball with.

  6. I have enjoyed playing against my friends.
    My favourite part was making friends.
    At first I was a little less confident but now I am more confident.
    The broad heath values I have used are:

  7. I have enjoyed when I had 3 in hole 7
    My favourite part was when I came 3rd place
    At first I was scared but now I feel more confident and Happy
    The Broad Heath value I have used are Respect ,Teamwork and Brillance .
    I have learnt the word golf club.

  8. My favourite part was that when that when we hade each goes of turn
    but we fun with turn . We had each number I got 27, Meharunisa got 56
    and Mardi got 45.

  9. I have gained teamwork,resilience and communication skills in this club.

    At first Golf was a bit tricky but at the end I felt confident.

    My favourite part was golf course was number 3.

    I have enjoyed playing golf with other people and helping organise the equipment.

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