Victorian Day in 2Blue

2Blue were transported back in time to the Victorian Days! We have had a great time – memories have been made for life! Please enjoy the video and answer the questions below to test your understanding.

1) We learnt about the famous Author who wrote Oliver Twist. What is his name?
2) A poor child would work in a workhouse. What jobs did they have to do? How would it make you feel?


  1. The person who wrote it was Charles Dickens wrote Oliver Twist. The children cleaned the floors and the roofs, this would make them feel tired. If I worked in a workhouse, I would feel unhappy and sad because I would have to work all day long. For dinner I would have gruel and that is yucky.

  2. The Authors name is Charles Dickens. In the olden days, the children would clean chimneys and when they got out, they would be dusty and dirty. The children would clean the floors in the works house. I would feel sad and unhappy because I’d have to clean other people things and it would take a long time.

  3. the authors name was charles dickens.
    they did jobs like scrubbing the floor and chimneys, this made them feel sad and tired because ofv so much work.

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