5 Blue’s chemical reactions

Today in Science, we looked at reversible and irreversible materials. We firstly sorted into a table, materials such as, chocolate melting, bread toasted, wax melting and candles etc. We then went on to test this theory of chemical reactions, to see if the electricity from the battery gave the heat needed for the fire triangle. We know a chemical reaction occurred because the following happened: the mass changed, it made heat, it made a smell. The chemical reaction happened between the iron and oxygen and combined to make an iron oxide. This has created a new substance called ‘Iron Oxide.’ Take a look at our video below.

THE BIG QUESTION IS: Are all chemical reactions reversible?

The iron reacted with…?

Do you think this was an reversible or irreversible change? Why?


  1. Not all reactions are irreversible
    The iron reacted with the oxygen
    It was irreversible because the oxygen combined with the iron to make iron oxide forever

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