Hello everyone and welcome to Year 4.
We are both looking forward to meeting you all and having a fun and exciting year.
See you all on Monday from Mrs Habib and Mrs Jones

13 responses to “Welcome to Year 4”

  1. Safa A.

    i am happy Thank you

  2. Faris B.

    I am so Happy that I’m going to year 4 blue

  3. Eliza N.

    I am also excited to see you too Mrs Habib and Mrs Jones

  4. Musa B.

    I really one to see what year 4 is actually

  5. Muhammed H.

    Thank you for me having a great time in y4

  6. Emil D.

    I had a lovely day thanks for that

  7. Chavi L.

    I had great time can’t wait to see you soon THANK YOU

  8. Yusuf S.

    I had a great day see you soon

  9. Jebrin Y.

    I am not sure if I would like year 4 or like it.

  10. Esa A.

    I am excited to go in 4blue

  11. Ilyas K.

    Me too Eesaa and I’m going to miss year 3.

  12. Eesaa A.

    I’m really looking forward to Yr4 but I’m gonna miss Yr3.

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