World Book Day- 5 White

Welcome to World Book Day.
Well done everyone for putting so much effort into your costumes today. You all look amazing!

Today we have been looking at the book The Hobbit written by J.R.R Tolkien.
We started the day by reading a chapter of the book paying attention to the language used. We then wrote an introduction to the day using our best handwriting.

Using the book and the film we created a wanted poster describing the 13 unruly Dwarves presence as they enter the house of the honourable Bilbo Baggins. We used a thesaurus to search for synonyms and interesting vocabulary.

After watching the extract from the film about the trolls. We created freeze frames and dialogue to recreate the scene. Acting as Trolls, Hobbits and Dwarfs you used clear pronunciation, height, position and expression to present your drama.

From the book we shared some of Gollem’s riddles. We had lots of fun trying to work them out. Some of us went on to create our own riddles, while other wrote a character description for Gollem.

We used inference to develop imagery. We read an extract from the book describing the dragon Smaug. Using the desciptive vocabulary we drew an image of Smaug.

I hope you have all had a great day.

What have you enjoyed about today?
What character did you come as today and why did you chose it?

What are your thoughts about “The Hobbit” Explain.
How have you made progress today?

6 responses to “World Book Day- 5 White”

  1. Markuss B.

    liked doing freze frames.
    i dressed up as Gandalf from the hobbit because he is from the hobbit. our class novel.
    I like it because it has some funny parts.
    i made progress by drawing Smoug from the Hobbit.

  2. Mehreen I.

    I enjoyed the hobit of the double page spread
    I come as matilda because she is my favourite
    My thoughts about the hobit was i did like one of
    The adventures because I like how we made it
    I have made progress of the riddles and the drawings maug

  3. Ayaan M.

    I enjoyed making the character description.
    The hobbit was a good book and i have made progress today by learning about the hobbit and making a poster about it.

  4. Zahraa Y.

    I enjoyed when I was making riddles and others were testing me
    I dressed up as Nezuko from demon slayer because she was one of my favourite characters and I decided to pair up with someone form the same book.
    My thought about “The Hobbit”I quite like it because it’s a mix of adventure and mystery because they think sometimes how they might get through.
    I have made progress by using way differently words and writing way different then I usually did.

  5. Seher A.

    I enjoyed writing the riddles.I came as Snow White because she inspires me from the voice and she’s cute.My thoughts about the Hobbit is it’s very aventrouse like I love how Bilbo Baggins became young. Because it’s very weird and so much latter and some weird talking and some shouting it gives in detail bit by bit.I made progress today by reading the Hobbit and making my own riddles and drawing maug.

  6. Tipian I.

    I enjoyed creating out on adventurous double spread poster.
    I chose gangster granny because it is something different and it is easy to do at home with makeup and outfit.
    My thought about “The Hobbit” is what is going to happen next and why they did that or this .
    Today , I might have improved my presentation and handwriting we all had similar but different work because we did it individually but as a team.
    This was fun and exciting I really enjoyed it
    Stay safe :)

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