School is back open on the Tues 4th June.

Hi Year 1,

Today we designed our ‘fruit face’ snack, as part of our DT Food Technology unit.

On Monday, we will be creating our final product! Think about which fruits you chose in your plan…

Please could each child bring a piece of fruit on Monday 27th March 2023. This will be hugely appreciated!

Thank you so much for your support!

Miss Smith

6 responses to “Y1 We need fruit!”

  1. Hatim M.

    Okay thanks for the information 👍 🙂

  2. Ziad H.

    I will bring a fruit that I have.

  3. Iver V.

    I have packed an apple and a kiwi.

  4. Aaron R.

    I will bring some fruit.

    1. Adam K.

      Adam will bring in some fruit tomorrow

  5. Hosanna N.

    Yes, I will. Thank you

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