Hello Year 2. Below is your homework for this week. You can choose two out of the three tasks, but please remember to complete them by Wednesday. Also, please practise your spellings, times tables and reading. Have a super weekend.

61 responses to “Year 2 Homework – Week 4”

  1. Warizah I.

    Warizah completed her homework on education city

  2. Bilaal K.

    Bilaal completed his homework.

  3. Liliana S.

    Liliana has completed her homework. She scored 100% on both games.

  4. Ziyaan H.

    ziyaan scored 80% in his education city homework

  5. Adam O.

    Adam has completed his homework.

  6. Sara H.

    i got 100% on my maths and 95% on my english.

  7. Amelia R.

    Amelia has completed all her home work

  8. Latifa A.

    I have done my homework

  9. Naksh P.

    on education city ,I scored 100% on literacy and i got 100% on maths.

  10. Naksh P.

    I got 100/100 in education city

  11. Kayla P.

    I have completed my English and Maths homework on Education City and I scored 100% on both.

  12. Sarah B.

    I completed my homework on Education City and I got 94 on Math and 100 on English.

  13. Bilal U.

    Bilal has completed his maths homework and he got 94% and 75% on english homework education city.

  14. Natan R.

    I completed my homework 😃

  15. Amina I.

    i got 75%

  16. Sanya S.

    Sanya has completed her homework she got 56% on maths and English she got 50% and 73%

  17. Advika B.

    I completed my literacy and mathematics homework in education city. Got 100%

  18. Jasmine P.

    Jasmine done her homework

  19. Adam O.

    Adam scored 90% on literacy.

  20. Yusuf A.

    Yusuf scored 94% on ‘On the Face of It’, 88% on ‘Making Connections’ and 85% in ‘Squires Straights’. 🔥

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