Year 2 Reading Challenge

We expect ALL of you to complete the challenge please. It can either be completed on here or your can do it on paper and give it to your teacher.

Remember the challenge winners get a prize,

Good luck!


Choose a challenge…

Our novel this half term is The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch. Read this page and answer the questions below:

Bronze – What happened next?

Silver – Find the adjectives on the page. Can you think of better ones? E.g. ‘beautiful’ instead of ‘nice’? Rewrite the text with your new adventurous adjectives.

Gold – Look at the boat far in the distance…

Do you think it is Mr Grinling?

Who do you think is in it?

Where do you think they are going?


Platinum – You will have to do lots of research to answer these questions:

What does a lighthouse do?

Who invented the lighthouse?

Where was the first lighthouse built?

How tall is a lighthouse?

56 thoughts on “Year 2 Reading Challenge

  1. bronze
    the seagulls do not like the bread and… they never came back.
    i do not think it is mr grinling.
    i think it is a fishing man.
    i think they he is going fishing
    beacause they want to catch fishes.

    a lighthouse shines at night when a boat is coming.
    it is very tall.

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