Year 3 Design and Technology: Pizza Evaluation

Here are some images of the pizzas you created yesterday. Please answer the questions below in full sentences evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of your final product:

  1. How did your pizza look?
  2. How did your pizza smell?
  3. How did your pizza taste?
  4. What was the texture of your pizza like?
  5. What problems did you face when making your pizza?
  6. How would you improve your pizza if you made it again?


  1. It looked great
    It smelled spectacular
    I loved the taste
    I loved the texture
    I faced touching the sticky dough
    I would add more onions

  2. My pizza 🍕 was delicious but there was not that much cheese 🧀 in the base . On the other side I like the amount of onions 🧅.
    The pizza smelt ,mouthwatering and appetising loved the smell of the onions and peppers 🫑.
    It looked amazing because I loved all the different varieties of colours.
    The texture of the pizza was smooth but it was a bit crumbly.
    The problems l faced were when we were cutting the onions because it made my eyes hurt a bit.
    I would improve my pizza by adding a little bit more sauce on my pizza 🍕

  3. 1.My pizza looked delicious and mouthwatering.
    2.My pizza smelt salty .
    3.The pizza tased soft and cheesy.4.The texture of the pizza hard.5.One of the problems l faced whilst making the pizza was kneading

  4. 1. My pizza looked very cheesy because there was lots of cheese. smelled not to bad because onions don’t smell good and there was onions on the pizza.
    3.My pizza taste like cheese because there was lots of cheese
    4.My pizza felt crumbly .
    5.putting the Pasata on because the knife was getting stuck.
    6.Not putting onions on or peppers 🫑

  5. 1. The pizza looked delicious.
    2. The pizza smelt cheesy
    3. The pizza tasted delicious
    4. The texture of The pizza was Super delicious
    5.One of the problem’s I faced was cut the onions
    6. next time I will improve by more cheese

  6. 1. The pizza looked tasty.
    2. The pizza smelt Cheesy.
    3. The pizza tasted Bread.
    4. The texture of the pizza was Hard.
    5. One of the problems I faced whilst making the pizza was is hard the Dough.
    6. Next time I will improve by more cheese

  7. 1. Unusual because I don’t like onions and peppers
    2.not bad but not that good was super yummy and delicious
    4.soft and thic
    5. Pinching the sides because my hands got kinda sticky
    6.add pepperoni 🍕 cheese and tomato sauce

  8. the pizza looked great
    it smells good
    my pizza tasted nice
    the texture of the pizza was smooth
    putting the red tomato sauce
    I will improve by adding onions

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