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Year 3 PSHE: How to be successful at Broad Heath?

Year 3 have been focusing on how to successful at Broad Heath!

Write 3 sentences in the comments below describing how to be a successful Broad Heath citizen.

What values should you have?

66 responses to “Year 3 PSHE: How to be successful at Broad Heath?”

  1. Ebeid M.

    I have a value of teamwork.
    I have a value of resilience.
    I have a value of empathy.

  2. abdelrahman

    They can be respectful
    They are kind
    They are nice
    They are helpful
    Kinza and zak

  3. Kinza A.

    They can be respectful
    They are kind
    They are nice
    They are helpful
    Kinda and zak

  4. Charis O.

    Empathy because you can feel what other feel like

  5. Rayan M.

    I need to be respectful for other people and caring.

  6. Havin A.

    I am kind,I show empathy I am brilliant I am respectful

  7. Ilyas K.

    I have value of empathy
    I have value of kindness
    And I help people up and listen to the teacher

  8. Ibrahim I.

    1. You should be kind because if you don’t be kind you are not a good person to at her people.
    2.You should respect if a guest comes over but if you don’t respect and be silly they might not like it.
    3.Exellent if your exellent you are a good person.

  9. Ebnezere A.

    1,You need to show Empathy.
    2,Show kindness.
    3,The last value is respect.

  10. Hamida K.

    1.You need to show Respect because if someone comes and you don’t show respect then they will think this school is bad.
    2.You need to show kindness because if you don’t then someone will get hurt.
    3.You need to show Resilience because if you don’t then you will keep an getting help but if you show Resilence then you will not need help.

  11. Ebnezere A.

    1,You new Empathy.
    2,Show kindness.
    3,The last value is respect.

  12. Kitan O.

    you have to show respect and kindness
    when somebody hurts them self help them
    also be nice and be good

  13. Sardar O.

    Wen I am a cinitzen I respec under pipl
    11 valleys

  14. Ranj M.

    first you have to be honest because if you lie you could get in more trouble
    then tenicty beause to be a good citien you do not give up .
    finally teamwork becase if you can not do teamork you can not play with enyone .

  15. Ameena I.

    You need teamwork,respect and honesty 😀😃

  16. Mustafa Z.

    Kindness I will make people 🙂😀.honestly I will be honest.I can show tenacity.

  17. Yasmin A.

    I can show tenacity.
    I can show resilience.
    I can show honestly .

  18. Rexford A.

    1.Honesty because if there is no honesty the rewards that you received will be taken away.
    2. Respect because if there is no respect everyone will get revenge on what you did and we have to take care of our self’s
    3. Resisiliense because if you are climbing a mountain you can’t stop or else you will not feel free if your half way you can’t take water because you might slip so keep on going.

  19. Nabiha I.

    We need honesty , kindness resilents . These are good because people be very happy.

  20. Hadiya M.

    How to be successful at Broad Heath:

    You should use Kindness because you’re showing how to be a good person.
    You can use Teamwork because you’re helping other team mates to go over beyond and infinite.
    Also you can use Honesty because your showing your a good Broad Heath Citizen.

  21. Andreea-Maya M.

    I can be a citizen by Honest and teamwork
    I can be brave
    I can be respected

  22. Alya M.


    1. Miss Redhead

      These are not sentences!

  23. Haroon E.

    You have to show Tenancy and respect
    You have to show resilience and Honesty
    You have to show good work and good behaved
    You have to show Kindnees

    1. Miss Redhead

      Why are these values important?

  24. Camarni H.

    you need to help people. you need to be kind. you need to use honesty.

    1. Miss Redhead

      Remember your punctuation.

  25. Eva T.

    You need to be helpful.You need to be kind. You need to be have tenacity.

    1. Miss Redhead

      Why do you need these values?

  26. Aadam R.

    You sholled show empathy and kindness and respect.

    You sholled treat people the way you want to be treated.
    You sholled all ways stop look and listen.
    You sholled listen to the teacher.

    1. Miss Redhead

      Good answer.

  27. Rahim A.

    I can be honest and kind

    1. Miss Redhead

      Why is this important – it asked for 3 sentences.

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