Year 3 SMSC- To know how Christians contribute to their communities

Today we have been looking at the charitable work of CAFOD.

Answer the following questions using full sentences:

  1. When and how was CAFOD formed?

2. How does CAFOD raise money?

3. Give 3 examples of work CAFOD does.


  1. 1.CAFOD was formed in 1960 and it was helpful for poor people to help children and adults learn and help lots of other people in need.
    This was formed because people started fasting to show people who were in poverty and needed a lot of help caring.
    If you give people money they will do it to you and your children so they can learn at school buying clothes and getting education.
    2.CAFOD raises money by donations for charity and and helping people all around the world. It is very kind and it’s a very good way to help.

  2. (1.⛪️ CAFOD was founded in 1960, by a Catholic Church.
    (2. CAFOD raises money by donating water 💦, food 🥘 and money💰.
    (3. CAFOD funds for emerging aid, relives suffering around the world and helps with natural disasters.

  3. 1.CAFOD was formed in 1960 it was formed by a Catholic Church.
    2.CAFOD raises money by helping other countries and poor people.
    3.CAFOD responds to emergencies.

  4. CAFOD was founded in 1960 by a Catholic Church who decided to help people in need.
    CAFOD raises money by helping poor people and give stuff that you have not used.

  5. CAFORD was formed in1960 and became very charitable.
    CAFORD get money by giving clothes,food and water to the needy.CAFORD works by provide funding for emergency aids.
    MuhammadY,Vaneza and Aisha.

  6. 1 It was formed in 1960 by the Catholic Church.
    2 CAFOD raise money by fasting diverse ranging from cakes.
    3 CAFOD often work with a local charitable group, providing with money and support.

  7. 1. CAFORD was formed in 1960 and formed by Catholic Church
    2. CAFORD rises money by Kindness
    3. It gives a lot of money it uses Kindness it helps anyone

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