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Year 4 – Coding

Hello super coders!

This week in Computing we have started to code our very own educational games. You have successfully, created backgrounds and made characters move and talk. Most of you even included maths questions in your games and a reward for correct answers!

Below, I have posted the link to Purple Mash, so you can continue practising these skills at home, ready for next week’s lesson.

Purple Mash by 2Simple

What skills have you learned so far?

What is the end outcome for this unit?


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  1. I learnt about making an educational and fun game including maths skills, I also learnt how to give a reward for correct questions

    The out come is to create a game that people can play using maths skills

  2. 1)
    How we made our characters talk and reward for correct math questions.
    We will create our own game in purple mash so others can play.