Year 4 Autumn 1 Week 1 Homework

Hi Year 4,

Here is your homework for this week. Please remember to complete at least two out of the three. This must be completed by Wednesday at the latest.


Today, your English homework is to complete a game on Education City. It is about improving your inference skills.

It has been set as 16th September 2022.


Your Maths homework this week is also on Education City. Complete the challenges linked to our learning so far this half term.


Your wow homework this week is to create a fact file/leaflet about Mexico. This can be electronic or handwritten.

Use these subheadings to organise you work.

  • Location
  • Population
  • Food
  • Sport
  • Famous landmarks

Don’t forget to read daily and to play TTRS!

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  1. Mexico

    Mexico officially the United Mexican states is a country in the southern part of the North America.

    Mexico population
    The currant population of Mexico is 131,925,359 as of Monday 19th September 22.

    Mexican food
    Famous food
    .Bean stew
    .Mexican rice
    .Ranch eggs
    .Tripe soup
    .chilli con carne

    Mexico sport
    The most popular sport in Mexico currently is association football followed by boxing, basketball, American football and bull riding is also popular.

    Famous landmarks
    .Mante Alban
    .Chichen itza
    .El tajin
    .Great pyramid of cholula
    .La venta

    Fun facts
    .69 different languages are spoken in Mexico
    .Mexico is a big time coca cola consumer
    .Mexico is home to the world’s largest pyramid

  2. i have wrote the score for maths in my homework book for some reason i canot find the english on education city i tryed everything so i am going to do my wow in my homework book.

    • A great score in Maths zayd. 89% is also a great score too but I would like to know what you have been learning in that challenge and is there anything that you could improve on?

  3. math: I got score was 80%
    English: I don’t know what the english called it doesn’t work on it but in education city but I did math.

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