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Year 4 – Spanish Guess Who?

Year 4 have been learning the names of parts of the face. They have now started to write simple descriptions of different people.

This week we played ‘Guess Who?’ in our Spanish lesson and did really well.

Can you all have a go at the game ‘Guess Who?’ by choosing a character and writing a short description about the character. Then we will have a go at guessing who you chose.

Here are the clues for my character, can you guess who it is?

Soy un chico. Mi pelo es corto y rubio. Tengo los ojos marrones. Mi nariz pequena. Mi boca es pequena. Tengo un barba.

35 responses to “Year 4 – Spanish Guess Who?”

  1. Musa B.

    My character was Alex

  2. Mrs Kiani

    Well done for everyone joining into the Spanish Guess who! Muy bien! My character was David so well done to those children who read the clues carefully and guessed correctly! Can you all reveal who your characters were now?

  3. Alisha S.

    is your character david?

  4. Nick C.

    Is your character Phillip

  5. Bhavdeep B.

    I think your character is Paul.

    soy un chico. yo tengo un barba. y tengo la cara pequeña y la nariz pequeña. tengo grandes mejillas rojas.

  6. Simeongeya W.

    Your one is David
    Try guess mine
    Ma pelo Rubio
    Mi nariz pequena
    Ma boca grande

  7. Shemaiah W.

    yours is david
    soy un chica
    un boca graned
    mi pelo blanko
    mi nariz pequena
    geuss mine

  8. Sumayyah A.

    I think your character is David.
    My description Soy in Chica mi pelo Maron .tengo los ojos greas . Mi nariz pequena .Mi boca es p pequena. GUESS MINE!!!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    1. Shemaiah W.

      i think yours is Marria

  9. Ranj M.

    Yours is Charles
    Soy in chica mi cabello es pelirrojo tengo un sombrero puesto tengo lentes azules
    I hope no won guesses mine and gets it correct .

    1. Mrs Kiani

      Check your sentences and some of your spellings Ranj! I think your character is Claire.

  10. Musa B.

    Eesaa your character is Philip

    Soy in Chico .mi pelo negro .mi la nariz pequena. Mi boca grande

    1. Mrs Kiani

      There are quite a few people with black hair Musa. Is your character Alex?

      1. Musa B.

        Yes it is Alex

  11. Eesaa A.

    Your character is David

    My description:
    Soy in chico.mi pelo negro.Tengo in barba.mi boca es grande. Mi orojos

    Guess mine👍🏼

    1. Mrs Kiani

      Is your character Phillip?

    2. Sumayyah A.

      Is your character Philip Eesaa.

  12. Hadiya M.

    Soy un chico. Mi nariz pequena. Mi Boca es pequena. Tengo in barba. Mi pelo corto y Naranja.

    Try to gues my character anyone.😅

    1. Eesaa A.

      Is your character Tom?

    2. Mrs Kiani

      Is it Frans?

    3. Sumayyah A.

      Is your character Tom

  13. Eliza N.

    hola señora kiani ¿cómo está?
    Hello mrs Kiani is your character David
    Here is my description

    Soy una chica mi cabello es corto y pelirrojo.Tengo una naricita y una boquita.Tengo un sombrero.

    1. Mrs Kiani

      Check your sentences again Eliza! Do they make sense?

  14. Eva T.

    Mrs Kiani is your person David?

    Can you guess my character?
    Soy un chico
    Mi pelo blanco.
    Tengo un anteojos
    Mi boca es pequena
    Mi nariz pequena.

    WHO AM I?

    1. Hadiya M.

      Eva T is your character Paul?🤔

  15. Mrs Kiani

    Well done for guessing children. I will reveal my character after I get more children guessing on the blog!

    1. Hadiya M.

      Is your character David Miss kiani?👱

  16. Ameera K.

    Me and my brother played and he won

  17. Esa A.

    Is your character Richard?

  18. Yasmin A.

    Your one is Charles.
    My is.
    Soy un chica.
    Mi pelo es croto y marron.
    Tango Los ojos marron.
    Mi narzi grante.
    Mi boca grante.
    Who am I.

    1. Mrs Kiani

      Is your character Maria, Yasmin?

      1. Yasmin A.

        Yes it is maria

  19. Safa A.

    it is farns ribo is red and chio is a boy mi boca pequena is my mouth is small

  20. Rayan M.

    Mrs Kiani’s character is David.

  21. Aiza B.

    I think it’s David

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