Year 5 Swimming

Hello Year 5,

I really enjoyed having you all swimming today. 

Next week, we are going to be looking at the correct technique for Front Crawl.

Watch this video. How does the professional do it? Write anything you notice in the comments below.

Also, what behaviours do you think we expect when you are in the pool? We went over this today so everybody should be able to comment something.

Have lovely evenings,

Miss Starkey :)

15 thoughts on “Year 5 Swimming

  1. TIP
    If your doing back crawl pinky goes inside the water first and it must go past your ears.

    From Nadia Mohamed in year 7
    Thanks Miss Janjua and Miss Starkey for being great teachers for the years you helped me pass my SATS,I will never forget you.This is the greatest thing you have ever made me smile in my life and cry,I’m full of emotions.Thank you Miss Frankish.

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