Year 5 Well-being Day.

Wellbeing provides life-long advantages in health, work, relationships, and creativity. … Wellbeing improves children’s academic performance, behavior, social integration, and satisfaction. Year 5 has had a great well-being day today. Here are some of the activities we have been completing today.

Mindfulness colouring- Today we mindfully coloured intricate space themed pictures. When colouring we relaxed and concentrated using our colouring skills. This helped us to continue on with the day with a positive mindset.

Eco Dome – To observe what is growing in our school environment, and implement a care plan to maintain grounds.

The children LOVED gardening today! As a team, we discussed the health benefits of gardening for us, and how it can positively impact both mental and physical health. We then began by deweeding the flower beds and removing any dead matter. We started to prepare the ground for planting, thinking about the position and space required for each individual plant. Ron helped us to remove new baby plants from our strawberry plants, meaning that some of us could take them home to our own gardens to continue to nurture. We ensured that any wildlife we discovered was placed back gently, and enjoyed planting new trees and shrubs contributing to ‘The Queen’s Canopy’ project. Lots of forget me nots were planted, in memorial to our late Queen. Well done all!


1960s Posters- We had fun researching facts about the 1960s. Creating posters to showcase facts and for key events that happened during the 1960s whilst enjoying some iconic music from the 60s era.

32 thoughts on “Year 5 Well-being Day.

  1. I enjoyed everything gardening was the best I really like Boccia because we won but still waiting for result of the total🥇🏆 Cross your finger so we win.

  2. I enjoyed the boccia , Active math golf and 1960 posters .
    All the activities were fun because there was some inside and outside we all would get fresh air.

  3. I enjoined all the activities that we have don today but my favourite activities were boccia and Gardening.I hope we will get other well being days that will be more fun than this one

  4. I really enjoyed making the 1960 poster and boccia because when we made our 1960 poster we could be creative and when we were doing boccia we could use lots of our values!
    I liked today so much !

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