To bring our learning to life, we have celebrated our History and DT learning today. We have worked with clay to make Mayan vessels and used our research skills to create double page spreads about the Mayan Gods and their beliefs.

What have you enjoyed about today?

Tell us a fact you have learnt about one of the Mayan Gods?

9 responses to “Year 6 – Mayan Day”

  1. Jasmine M.

    My favourite part was making our pots out of clay. An interesting fact that I have learnt is that 60 cities were built by the Mayans and they had one ruler per city.

  2. Luxor A.

    My favourite part was taking the pictures.

  3. Afreen S.

    Also Many Gods we’re referred to different names for example one for death and underworld and another for creation of fire, water , air and Earth.

  4. Afreen S.

    I really enjoyed Mayan day it was fun to find out what Mayan’s believed and what they used. A fact I have found out is they were one of the first people to use the number 0 they had also believed that were over 150 Gods.

  5. Muhammad B.

    Today I have really enjoyed making the Mayan vessels out of clay even though it was hard and difficult but it was still fun!
    I also found out that the ancient Maya’s had 150 god’s who they were worshiping and the underground god’s the were like jaguars.

  6. Kaif B.

    Today I had so much fun!!!
    I enjoyed when we created our vessels out for clay and created our double page spreads.
    I have learnt that their were over 150 gods!!!!!!!

  7. Nihit N.

    Today was so fun!

  8. Surinder J.

    I had so much fun today!
    I enjoyed making the clay vessels and learning about Mayan gods.
    I learnt that there were over 150 gods! I also learnt that they had gods in the underworld that looked like jaguars.

  9. Manvi R.

    I enjoyed learning about the Mayan gods, I learnt that there are 150 gods that the ancient Maya worshipped.

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