With Eid fast approaching, all requests for the day must be made in writing, please click on the link below. The day will be authorised.

Request for 1 day of absence to Celebrate Recognised Religious Festival 2023 – Broad Heath Primary School

If Eid falls on June 28th, Year 6 will still be going to Drayton Manor as we are unable to change the date. If you don’t wish your child to go on this trip, please can you let us know by Friday 23rd. This will enable us to modify plans and arrangements. All trips have been paid for the year and there will be no refunds.

Many thanks
J Frankish

47 responses to “Year 6 Trip and Eid”

  1. Lawy A.

    I will attend the trip

  2. Lawy A.

    My brother accidentally put Wednesday I am not going school however I am going Drayton Manor and I am not taking a day off.

  3. Khairy S.

    I will be attending the trip

  4. Serina I.

    I will be attending this trip

  5. Abdul Y.

    I will not be attending the trip as its eid

  6. Taha A.

    I wil be going Drayton manor.

    1. Azaan H.

      I am going drayton manor.

  7. Safa K.

    I will be attending

  8. Maryam G.

    I will be attending Drayton Manor

  9. Muhammed R.

    I am not attending the trip in eid.

  10. Asim A.

    I will be attending

  11. Yogitha K.

    I will be coming to Drayton manor

  12. Amanah S.

    I will be going Drayton Manor.

  13. Fariha A.

    I will not be attending

  14. Lawy A.

    I will go Drayton Manor

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